The FlatterUp Emergency Flat Tire Filler Upper


How do you go about filling a flat tire without using a power source, harmful chemicals, or an air compressor? This is the question that Christopher Zimmerman, CEO of FlatterUp, Inc, asked himself back in 2016. “Through our research, we realized all you need is equalization, inflation to get out of a bad situation,” he went on to say. Soon after, he invented the multi-patented FlatterUp, which basically equalizes the pressure between all four of your vehicle’s tires, inflating the flat one in the process.

The FlatterUp weighs less than 3 lbs. and can inflate your flat tire in under 2 minutes. This new system is reusable and works in almost any weather condition. One person can install the FlatterUp in less than a minute. With over 220 million tire punctures every year, having an easily accessible way to inflate a flat tire is a necessity for every driver. Plus, this solution provides a green alternative to tire inflation.


How Does The FlatterUp Work?

Basically, you’re going to locate the tire opposite of your flat. You’re going to hook up the FlatterUp to that tire first. Then, moving around to each wheel, you’ll attach the FlatterUp hose to the valve stem of each tire, ending with the flat. You’ll see the flat tire start to inflate, and the process should take around 2 minutes to complete. Once the tire has inflated, your job is to hustle to the nearest facility that can repair or replace that tire.

The FlatterUp system basically just equalizes the pressure in all 4 tires through a long system of hoses. It’s an emergency system, so you’ll still definitely want to keep up with your tire maintenaince. But, this system could be useful if you notice a flat, and there isn’t a service station anywhere close by.


FlatterUp Benefits

  • One person installation in less than one minute
  • Equalizes pressure in all 4 tires during the inflation process
  • Engineered to be completely orbital; meaning you can start with any tire and end with any tire
  • Restraining straps keep all tension off of valve stems
  • Works in freezing temperatures without a heat source
  • Temperature range is -5 degrees F to +140 degrees F
  • 100% Green
  • Space saving storage bag
  • Weighs under 3lbs
  • Inflates a flat tire in approximately 2 minutes
  • Maximum line pressure is 140 PSI
To learn more about the FlatterUp System, check out their website.

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