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4 Comments on "The FlatterUp Emergency Flat Tire Filler Upper"

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I have had several flat tires over the years. They all seem to be in the morning or in the evening leaving work. It makes sense that my vehicle was just fine when I drove it last and it took several hours for the tire to go flat. As an engineer, it is obvious to me that someone simply figured out that most flats are a slow leak over time. What a great idea to equalize the air pressure in all 4 tires so it is safe to drive down the road to get it fixed. Congrats to the inventor,… Read more »
Roo Dayum Dee



This seems like a great way to cause more problems than solve them. An inflator powered off the car battery is absolutely a better solution, since you wouldn’t be driving anywhere anyway if your battery is dead too.

Kevin Pinzer

So that you now have 4 tires low on air?? LMAO