Polisher and Sander Reviews

We focus on reviews of cordless polishers, pneumatic polishers, and mainstay corded polishers. Closely related, our sander reviews also include other abrasive and polishing tools for the automotive market. To test these products we put them in the hands of automotive repair and restoration specialists as well as body shops. This provides us the real-world feedback we need to evaluate whether products hold up to intensive use.
Hands-on Polisher and Sander Reviews
Polishers and sanders haven’t changed much in form factor since they initially came to market. Products like the Rupes Skorpio III Sanders and the FLEX XFE7-15 150 Orbital Polisher show that. Polishers are closely related to the grinder, but specialize in speed and stability. Orbital action on some polishers also renders them more functional in applying compounds.

The greatest advancements have come in ergonomics and weight distribution. Power has always been available, but packaging a powerful motor in a body and form factor that feels right presents a challenge. Our sander reviews and polisher reviews take enough time to determine the real winners.

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