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Ratcheting Wrench Insert Bit Set
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Most jobs today require fasteners to be removed from tight spaces. In addition, many of these fasteners are not the typical hex-head bolt. Gearwrench answers the call with the 81602 ratcheting wrench insert bit set.

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Tight spaces seem to be the only place special fasteners hide. Gearwrench has the answer with their 81602 ratcheting wrench insert bit set. This is a 41-piece insert bit set made to be used with the boxed end of a wrench. It makes the most sense to be used with a ratcheting wrench, but any 6 or 12-point wrench will work. The spline design of the Gearwrench 120XP ratcheting wrenches are a perfect compliment to the ratcheting wrench insert bit set.

We used the insert bits on several jobs around the shop, and we were impressed with the amount of space saved. Comparing the same size allen-type bit in a ratchet vs. the Gearwrench insert bit in a wrench was no comparison. The typical ratchet and normal bit was almost 3 inches, whereas the insert bit and Gearwrench ratcheting wrench was less than 1 inch. This can be a huge time saver on many jobs.

Gearwrench Ratcheting Wrench Insert Bit Set Features

The Zinc Phospate coating¬† provides corrosion resistance, in addition to aiding in durability. Laser-etched identification resides on the base of each bit. The 81602 bit set includes standard straight-slot bits, phillips bits, torx, allen, and even triple-square (12-point) of various sizes. A ball detent keeps the bits secure in any wrench, hence you don’t have to worry about the bit falling out into the engine compartment.


Gearwrench 81602 Insert Bit Set Specifications

Catalog #: 81602
Set Included Storage: Blow Mold Case
Size Range Min: T-10, 3mm Hex, 1/8 Hex, 4mm Triple Square, #1 Phillips, 1/8 Slotted
Size Range Max: T55, 10mm Hex, 3/8 Hex, 12mm Triple Square, #4 Phillips, 5/16 Slotted
Contents: 11 Torx Bits, 8 Metric Hex Bits, 8 SAE Hex Bits, 6 Triple Square Bits, 4 Phillips Bits, 4 Slotted Bits
Coating: Zinc Phospate


Final Words

Ratcheting Wrench Bit vs RatchetOverall, the Gearwrench ratcheting wrench insert bit set performed very well. The bits seem to offer about anything the user should encounter on a vehicle today. Gearwrench 81602 bits exceed ASME strength requirements, so the user shouldn’t be breaking any bits in normal use. We would like to see the bit set available with the three wrenches (8, 12 and 15mm) needed to use the kit. It’s understandable that most mechanics already use these wrenches, but adding them to the bit set means the wrench set is void of them. This is a small gripe, but worth mentioning. For less than $80, this is definitely worth investment for the pro.

To purchase the Gearwrench 81602 ratcheting wrench insert bit set, click here.

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