Rockler I-Semble Shelf Blocks Accessory Reviews

Rockler I-Semble Shelf Blocks in 6×8 and 6×13 Sizes

We’ve liked how easy Rockler made it to create custom shelving out of hardwood and some accessories, and now the company has just added two new sizes of I-Semble Shelf Blocks. Two new Rockler I-Semble Shelf Blocks sizes (6″ x 8″ and 6″ x 13″) join the existing 10″ x 13″ model and let you design and build even more custom options for shelving, entertainment stands, desks, and coffee tables. The shelves can be built using common household tools like a circular saw, sander and drill and we’ve found these to be a pretty impressive way to knock out some pretty impressive-looking pieces for relatively low cost and effort.

The Rockler I-Semble Shelf Blocks feature a black powder coat finish which can be painted to match decor. The new sizes allow for an even wider array of construction and design possibilities—but the simplistic principle of design remains the same. In fact, multiple sizes of shelf blocks can even be used in the same furniture piece, giving you nearly endless options. The mounting screws used to install the I–Semble Shelf Blocks are included in the package.


The new Rockler I-Semble Shelf Blocks (thank goodness they didn’t go with “iSemble”) are sold in packs of two. The 6″ x 8″ Shelf Blocks (49157) retail for $16.99 per pack, the 6″ x 13″ Shelf Blocks (48832) retail for $18.99 per pack, and the 10″ x 13″ Shelf Blocks (47512) retail for $20.99 per pack. All of the I–Semble Shelf Blocks can be purchased anywhere Rockler products are sold.


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