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David S
David S
4 years ago

I have a Stanley tape measure that is at least 20 years old I would guess with an auto lock feature. They called it LEVERLOCK® back then, and although there is no way to override it, I really like that feature. The tape is only a ½” wide, so the standout is not even 3′, but it was the perfect tape measure for automotive use when you needed to measure the distances between suspension points on one side of the car and compare those measurements to the same points on the other side to determine if anything was bent after… Read more »

Bill Nosie
3 years ago

I have two of these (bought a two-pack), and I hate them. They do not lock. If you want to lock it and push the clip up to something, the tape just pushes in. One of the pair will just slowly retract when it is locked. They are very frustrating. I’ve used FatMax tapes for a lot of years, they are my preferred tapes. But not the Auto Lock.