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Have you ever had to diagnose a misfiring cylinder, determine a bad wheel bearing, or find out if a seat heater is working? Chances are, you have done all three, albeit, you probably used three or more different tools to do so. Now, the Snap-on Diagnostic thermal imager will do all these things, while doing it quicker and providing validation.


The thought of having a thermal imaging camera small enough to fit in one hand is baffling. Technology continues to escalate the auto technicians into a different category than decades past. With thermal imaging, you not only know there is a heat source, but you can also see it. Furthermore, the technician can easily compare areas around the heat source as well. In addition to diagnosing, the saved thermal images aid the shop in the sales process to validate the service/s being proposed.

About Snap-on Diagnostic:

Snap-on Diagnostic Thermal Imager DisplayFounded in 1920, Snap-on is headquartered in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Snap-on Diagnostic is part of Snap-on Incorporated, a leading global innovator, manufacturer and marketer of tools, diagnostics and repair information and systems solutions for professional users performing critical tasks. Products are sold through the company’s franchisee, company-direct distributor and Internet channels.

Snap-on Diagnostic Thermal Imager Features

The Snap-on Diagnostic thermal imager (EETH300) uses infrared technology to uncover issues found anywhere on the vehicle. The infrared makes any heat visible on the digital screen. Mechanics and technicians can be more productive, while achieving better accuracy. Issues easily found by the imager are in such items as brakes, electrical, bearings, manifolds, heaters, coolant parts and even engine performance.

By seeing the hot and cold areas of the parts and vehicles, the technician can see the heat source as well as track the faults. Identifying the broken parts also confirms the working parts. Included with the Snap-on diagnostic thermal imager are the exclusive database of automotive applications, guided tests, and reference images. The included reference images also aid in interpreting results. In addition, the color reference scale automatically calibrates, so you know the temperature of everything in the image.

Snap-on Diagnostics Thermal Imager - Exhaust Manifolds

Thermal Imager EETH300 Specifications

  • See extreme temperatures from -4 deg F (-20 deg C) to 840 deg F (450 deg C)
  • Large 3-1/2 inch color screen so you don’t miss a clue; 320×240 resolution
  • Detailed thermal images comprised of 4800 temperature zones
  • Pistol-grip ergonomics for comfort and convenient access to tight locations
  • Rechargeable high-power Lithium-Ion battery
  • 4 hour battery charge life with convenient battery level indicator
  • Trigger for screenshot image capture
  • Store thousands of images on internal MicroSD card
  • 4-way keypad and menu operation
  • Refresh rate: 9 times per second
  • Dimensions: 8.5”H x 3.8”W x 2”D. Weight: 12 oz
  • Includes: Thermal Imager, MicroSD card, AC charger, USB cable, User guide


Final Words

Thermal imaging technology like used in the Snap-on Diagnostic EETH300 broadens the diagnostic scope of any technician, compared to someone without. The ability to quickly and easily scan a part or section of a car and instantly determine heat signatures creates boundless opportunities. These are opportunities not only for the shop and technician to make money, but also for customers to address issues in their infancy. Later-on, these same issues become more serious, may escalate to creating other problems, and cost more money to fix. We see this as true win-win for the customer and shop, and it’s hard for anyone to disagree too.

Snap-on Diagnostics Thermal Imager - Wheel and Brakes

The list price on the Snap-on Diagnostic thermal imager EETH300 is $1,395. While this may seem expensive, you have to realize this is relatively new technology in the public sector and especially in hand-held form. Some hand-held units remain in the $4,000 range, but cell-phone type units sell for as little as $700. There are even apps now that work with new cell technology to make your smartphone a thermal imager. All this thermal technology in the public sector will continue to drive down the cost. For now, the $1,395 price tag is not that bad when you add in the benefit that Snap-on Diagnostic brings. You get the added benefits of the database and the guided tests, hence these are specific to the technician’s world. We highly recommend having a tool in your toolbox like the Snap-on Diagnostic thermal imager.

We’ll be sure to get our hands on one soon here at Shop Tool Reviews, and we’ll report back with the full details and photos!

For more information on the Snap-on EETH300, click here.

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