90-Tooth Gearwrench Ratchet Line Video – SEMA Show 2019

90-tooth Gearwrench Ratchet FI

Ratchets might as well be an extension of a mechanic’s hand. If there’s a hand tool that gets used all the time, it has to be the ratchet in the mechanic’s world. As many ratchet variations exist, there’s that many and more opinions on the same. The new 90-tooth Gearwrench ratchet line was released at the SEMA show and it attracted a whole bunch of attention. Aesthetics and features stand out for the new Gearwrench 90T ratchets.

90-Tooth Gearwrench Ratchet Line Features

The new Gearwrench 90T ratchets come in an all chrome body and handle, or you can choose the new molded handle with the embossed Gearwrench logo. The new molded plastic handle also gets some rubber overmolding and the pop of Gearwrench-Orange color. We used the ratchets while at the GW booth, and we really like the new molded handles. Gearwrench added a knob at the end, which reminded us of a baseball bat, and it does give your grip additional assurance.

Gearwrench 90T Ratchet

Stepping up the count in the new 90-tooth Gearwrench ratchet didn’t sacrifice any strength. In fact, Gearwrench increased the strength of the 90T ratchets while stepping up from the prior 84-tooth design. They also kept the low profile of the pear-shaped head while slimming even further the height of the directional lever. This keeps the lever from switching directions in those tight spots.

Gearwrench 90T Ratchet Conclusion

Gearwrench is hitting the market with the new 90-tooth line in early 2020 with 13 different products. These include the chrome and logo handles, rigid and flexible head, in 3/8″, 1/4″, and 1/2″ sizes. You can also pick these up in six different sets as well. We’re really looking forward to getting a set at the shop so we can really put them through more testing. We’ll follow up with more details then.

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