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Mechanics Tool Set
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Final Thoughts

This Husky 432-piece mechanics tool set offers a plethora of tools for a fraction of the cost of other name brands. You can argue tool truck brands all day, but for the entry-level Pro or the DIYer, this is a great set. For just $399 you get more than 200 sockets, multiple flex-head ratchets, and many more specialty bits and hand tools.

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Reviews like these are always sure to spark a conversation that typically includes terms like “junk, China,” and a host of other name-calling. The bottom line is, for the entry-level Pro or DIYer, how can argue with a toolset for less than $1 per tool and includes a lifetime warranty. This is what the 432-piece Husky mechanics tool set offers.

Husky Mechanics Tool Set Wrenches

Husky Mechanics Tool Set Features

Sometimes these toolsets are loaded with small bits and sorts to make the count look high and the price look low. This is not the case, as we see it with the Husky 432-piece kit. You get more than 220 sockets and a multitude of ratchets, including flexible-head ratchets. Also included are 74 wrenches that go all the way up to 1-1/4 inches and 32mm.

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Sockets include 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ drive sizes in 6-point and 12-point, and shallow and deep well configurations. On top of all this, you get the additional 124 accessory bits as well, including torx, security torx, Phillips, and straight-slot. Various extensions in each drive size add to the value along with the included metric and SAE Allen wrenches (keys).

Husky Mechanics Tool Set Ratchet

Our Thoughts

How can you not recommend a set like this?! They have a lifetime warranty right from the Home Depot. I tested this warranty by just walking in my Home Depot with an 18mm socket that didn’t have the best engraving for the size. They had no idea I was “Shop Tool Reviews”, hence I wanted to see how easy it would be. A desk clerk looked at the socket, then asked me to go find the toolset with the socket in it and bring it to the counter. She removed the socket from the set and handed it to me. No receipt needed, no email, no phone number. The whole 432-piece Husky Mechanics tool set is just $399! We’d love to see some impact sockets added, but this would just drive up the cost.

Husky Mechanics Tool Set Allen Keys

Entry-level techs: check out this kit. This is a great starter set. Replace them with tool truck pieces when you can afford it…or don’t replace them.

Purchase from the Home Depot: Husky 432-piece Tool Kit

Experienced and well-paid techs: Buy what you want, but don’t encourage your entry-level counterparts to sign their life away on the tool truck.

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