NEW Craftsman V-Series XXL Ratcheting Wrenches Video Review

Craftsman V-Series XXL Wrenches

Crafstman V-Series XXL Ratcheting Wrench Features

It seems almost out of nowhere, the Craftsman V-Series XXL wrenches have appeared. Step back a few decades, and Craftsman was the sole brand that bridged the plain of the Professional Mechanic and home-brewed gearhead. Sure, Snap-On, MAC, and even S-K was around then; however, it was Craftsman that could be found in just about every tool box. Times are a changin’, but is it back to the old?!

The new Craftsman V-Series line of tools is again bridging the gap of that hardcore auto-DIYer and the Pro Mechanic. This set of XXL V-Series wrenches have a distinct and bold I-beam body that connected the ratcheting flex-head on one end and the 6-point stationery design on the other. The ratcheting head includes a 72-tooth mechanism with a full 180-degree flexing head.

Craftsman V-Series XXL Wrenches_1

Where Can You Get It?

ACE Hardware is now carrying the new line of Craftsman V-Series mechanics tools. If you’d rather stretch your fingertips, you can also find these new Craftsman V-Series XXL Wrenches on as well. Each 7-piece set sells for $169 and includes a lifetime warranty.

Craftsman V-Series XXL Wrenches_2

What’s Our Thoughts?

No doubt, these new Craftsman V-Series wrenches are great looking and feeling tools. However, the elephant/s in the room are the skip sizes in the Metric Set. They start at 10mm, but they skip the 15, 16, and 18mm sizes. The GM mechanics sure won’t be happy, and I believe the CAT mechanics and Euros use those 16s a lot too. We think that Craftsman should add an 18th wrench to each kit. Don’t miss the video.

Craftsman V-Series XXL Ratcheting Wrenches: $169

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