New Sonic Tools Ratchets Video – More Teeth and Bite

Sonic Tools Ratchets FI

New Sonic Tools Ratchets get more teeth, better looking, and better ergonomics. If you haven’t heard of Sonic Tools, then you may be in for a surprise. Sonic is the first company to include laser-cut foam trays with their tools. You can choose to purchase Sonic Tools a la carte, but they’re typically purchased in sets. You can even purchase a filled toolbox. Organize your tools?? Pshhhhh!!! Just open the drawers, Sonic does it for you. Ok, back to the ratchets.

Sonic Tools Ratchets Organization

Sonic Foam System Organization

Updates to Sonic Tools Ratchets

The new ratchets look much different but carry the same Sonic quality along with. The handle has changed to a more elliptical shape, compared to the old round. This new shape fits the hand much better, and the red molding matches their logo colors much better than before. Following the contour of the handle up to the head, the profile is much sleeker too.

Internally, the new Sonic Tools ratchets get a 60-tooth anvil combined with a single-pawl design. The old were 45-tooth with a single pawl, but the pawl is much different now. The old pawl only engaged three teeth at a time, changing from one side to the other. A new pawl design allows all 8 teeth to remain engaged in either direction. This new pawl and action allow for added strength even when adding teeth.

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Our Thoughts

Sonic Ratchets DisassembledWe first got our hands on Sonic Tools back in 2016 and we were impressed then. The quality of their products are top-notch. They definitely rank with tool-truck quality products, and even better in many cases. They don’t do chrome finishes, they stick with a matte finish. You can get the new Sonic Tools ratchets by themselves, but it makes more sense to purchase them in a set. We expect to see the new ratchets starting to replace the old ratchets immediately, phasing out the old.

For more information, click Sonic Tools USA.

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