Eastwood Soda Blaster Starter Kit Preview

Eastwood Soda Blaster Starter Kit application

The Eastwood Soda Blaster Starter Kit can be a soda blaster, as the name implies, in addition it can be an abrasive blaster. This blaster starter kit has 100-pounds capacity which is ideal when you need to remove paint and rust without harming sheet metal, glass, or chrome. When the need arises for more aggressive blasting, then the technician can quickly convert to different media. The 100-pounds capacity, top-loading hopper enables the operator to blast longer between refills.

The 2-in-1 blaster kit requires 10 CFM at 90 PSI. For easy transport, the Eastwood soda blaster starter kit is equipped with 2 wheels which provide easy navigation around the jobsite. It also comes equipped with 8 feet of blast hose with a dead-man valve, all-steel welded, top-loading hopper, and pressure gauge. With the starter kit, you receive 50-pounds of automotive XL bicarbonate soda media. The Eastwood blaster is backed with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Used to, if you wanted your car or parts blasted with media, you needed to find a commercial blaster somewhere in an industrial park. This could mean transporting your vehicle for miles. The Eastwood soda blaster starter kit is a low-cost solution to do your own blasting. Whether you are in the trade of restoring cars or you’re just an enthusiast, this kit makes it easy.

Eastwood has been in the professional auto restoration and customization industry since 1978. To this day, the company continues to prove its dedication to offering unique solutions to the challenges facing restoration and customization enthusiasts. For more information about the Eastwood soda blaster starter kit, visit here.

Eastwood Soda Blaster Starter Kit FeaturesEastwood Soda Blaster Starter Kit

  • 100-lb.-capacity, top-loading hopper lets you blast longer between refills
  • Includes 50 lbs. of Automotive XL Bicarbonate Soda Media (11807)
  • Requires as little as 10 cfm at 90 psi
  • 8′ blast hose with dead-man valve gives you optimal control
  • All-steel, welded, top-loading hopper and pressure gauge
  • Priced at $269.99


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