DeWalt ATOMIC Compact Drill and Impact Combo Video Review

DeWalt Atomic Combo FI2

The new DeWalt ATOMIC 20V lineup of tools is meant to fit the DIY budget, yet offer brushless and 20V power in the size of a 12V tool. Currently, these ATOMIC series tools are available exclusively through the Home Depot. Where do they fall in the realm of performance and features? Let’s get to that.

DeWalt ATOMIC Drill and Impact Combo Features

DeWalt Atomic Combo FIThis kit includes the DeWalt DCD708 Drill and the DCF809 impact driver. The DeWalt Atomic impact driver is only 5.1 inches, from tip to tail, so it meets the small footprint standard. Following suit, the Atomic Drill packs it all in just 6.3-inches. The DCF809 impact driver boasts 1,700 in-lbs (142 ft-lbs) of torque, while the DCD708 drill states the DeWalt UWO (Unit Watts Out) measurement. Two 1.3Ah batteries are included with the Atomic kit, and they don’t include any battery-level indicators.

Using our large I-beam with welded in hardened nuts and bolts, we’re able to torque the bolts to a specific measurement, then use the impact to remove them. At 100 ft-lbs, the DeWalt Atomic impact had no problem removing five nuts in seconds. It accomplished the same task at 125 ft-lbs, but couldn’t budge the nuts at 150 ft-lbs. 130 ft-lbs seemed to be the peak torque for the nut removal.

DeWalt Atomic Drill 51 Holes

51 Holes in 1/4″ Steel Plate

Testing the drill, we wanted to see how long the Atomic DCD708 would last with the slim pack 1.3Ah battery. We were pleasantly surprised and impressed that it drilled 51 holes with a 1/4″ bit in 1/4″ steel plate. The drill offers 2 speeds and a 15-position clutch.

Another DeWalt Combo Option

DeWalt Combo Kit – 20V MAX Drill & Impact Driver Review

Final Thoughts

DeWalt has some industry-leading tools in many categories with a focus on the professional. This Atomic series seems to hit the target for value but lacks in the performance. For a DIY or homeowner, this may be a great fit; however, the professional or entry-level professional may want to spend a little more money for a better DeWalt combo. You can get the DeWalt Atomic 20V Drill and Impact combo, with the 1.3Ah slim-pack batteries for just $179 from the Home Depot. However, for just $269, you get much better DeWalt tools with better 2 Ah and 4 Ah batteries.

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