Milwaukee 2953 Gen 4 M18 Impact Driver Video Review

Milwaukee 2953 Impact Driver FI

Milwaukee 2953 Gen 4 M18 FUEL Impact Driver Features

We put the new Milwaukee 2953 Gen 4 Impact Driver right to work on our test rig. It broke free a nut that was torqued to 550 ft-lbs! That is staggering power coming from a 1/4″ hex impact driver. Milwaukee finally added the Tri-LED lights to the front of the 2953. The 3 LED lights provide better light coverage to the fastener area than the typical LED shining from below the collet.

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Side by side, the older Gen 3 and the new Gen 4 M18 FUEL impact drivers don’t look much different. A flat nose on the newer contains the new Tri-LED, but everything else is very similar. Even on paper, both include identical stats. You still get a Brushless motor powered by the M18 REDLITHIUM battery. There are 4 drive modes and a variable speed trigger to further control the power. Modes one through three are incremental steps, but the fourth offers a screw drive control. This drive control helps when driving self-drilling screws into thin metal.

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All That Power

While the marketing claims on the Milwaukee 2953 is 2,000 in-lbs of torque, we wanted to push harder. Divide the 2,000 in-lbs by 12 and you get 167.7 ft-lbs of torque. This is probably referring to the tightening torque, which is great for construction. However, we’re more interested in how much breakaway torque can the Gen 4 Impact Driver deliver. Even without snapping the 1/4″ hex to 1/2″ square impact adapter, we pushed the new Milwaukee to 550 ft-lbs. This is 50 ft-lbs beyond what we tested on the older Gen 3 model. You still shouldn’t use this impact driver for removing lug nuts, but this thing is an all-out power monster.

Milwaukee 2953 Impact Driver at Home Depot

Milwaukee 2953 Impact Driver at ACME Tools

Milwaukee 2953 Impact Driver

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