DeWalt PowerStack Battery and DCF923 Impact Video Review


DeWalt PowerStack 20V Max Battery

Just a couple of weeks ago, we shared about our trip to DeWalt Headquarters in Baltimore, MD. At that time, we first heard and saw the DeWalt PowerStack battery. Be sure to check out the video of our DeWalt PowerStack Event. In short, this is a new battery technology for the tool world. Instead of using the typical cylindrical cells, DeWalt is using pouch-style lithium packs. This is supposed to provide 50% more power while being 25% smaller and 15% lighter. We’ll test this.

DeWalt POWERSTACK Battery vs 2Ah

DeWalt DCF923 ATOMIC 20V Impact Wrench

And only a few weeks ago, we got our hands on the all-new DeWalt ATOMIC 20V Impact Driver and Wrenches. That kit included this DCF923, the 1/2″ DCF921, and the 1/4″ DCF850 Impact Driver. These are compact tools with Brushless motors and running on the 20V Max platform of batteries. Now, with the new DeWalt PowerStack battery, these compact tools can be even more compact and more powerful.

DeWalt DCF923 Impact WrenchWe tested the new PowerStack 1.7Ah battery against the 2Ah, 4Ah, and 5Ah batteries. On the test bench, the DeWalt DCF923 Impact Wrench breaks free 350 ft-lbs with the 2Ah battery. Replacing the 2Ah with the DeWalt PowerStack 20V battery allows the impact to release the 400 ft-lbs. This is an impressive jump for such a small battery. Even more impressive is that the 4Ah and 5Ah battery stops at this level as well.

Final Thoughts

We’ve seen this pouch-style technology in cell phone and RC vehicle batteries for years, hence this is not breakthrough technology. However, this is the first use in a tool battery. Time will tell if it holds up to the stress. The power definitely seems to be present and the smaller size can only benefit the tool and user. We can’t wait to see this creep into the larger Ah batteries as well.

Look for the DeWalt PowerStack batteries to hit the shelves in December 2021.

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