RIDGID Mid Torque Impact Wrench Video Review R86012

RIDGID Mid Torque Impact Wrench FI

RIDGID Mid Torque Impact Wrench Features

With the claim of 650 ft-lbs of torque, the new RIDGID Mid Torque Impact Wrench has a lot to prove. We’ll do our best to validate the claim. The R86012 (model #) includes a brushless motor that’s powered by the RIDGID 18V lithium battery. We paired our RIDGID Mid Torque with the 4Ah version as you can purchase in a kit with the impact wrench. A variable speed trigger and 4 modes meter the maximum 2800 RPM and 3800 IPM (Impacts Per Minute).

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R86012 – 4 Power Modes

You get 4 modes of power to choose from. Actually, Modes 1, 2, and 3 are progressive power modes, increasing respectively. Mode 3 will deliver maximum power in forward and reverse. The “Auto” mode delivers max output until the impact wrench senses that the fastener is tight or loose. At that point, the RIDGID mid torque impact wrench automatically slows up and stops.

RIDGID Mid Torque Impact Wrench

On the Test Rig

We can’t just sit back and allow claims to be made that this RIDGID mid torque delivers 650 ft-lbs of torque. As normal, we break out the HYTORC Lion Torque Gun and progressively torque our fasteners from 150 to 650 ft-lbs. All the way up to 550 ft-lbs, the RIDGID R86012 impact wrench soars through the fasteners without a sweat. However, trying to remove the fastener torqued to 600 ft-lbs, it took 8 solid seconds of impacting to set it free. After seeing this, we didn’t have high hopes for the next. After hammering away on the 650 ft-lbs nut for almost 10 seconds, the RIDGID finally set it free. Mission accomplished!! The RIDGID R86012 lives up to the marketing claims of 650 ft-lbs of loosening torque. 

You can purchase the RIDGID Mid Torque for $199 as a bare tool. Furthermore, you can opt for the kit with a 4Ah battery, a charger, and the tool for just $269. The warranty included is just 90 days; however, you can extend it to a Lifetime Service Agreement by registering within the 90 days. 

RIDGID R86012 at Home Depot


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