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Sanding body filler is never an easy task. Let the Ingersoll Rand 328B 8 inch orbital sander handle some of the work. With an 8″ pad and forced rotation, it eats through bondo, and quick.

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That deep shine on a musclecar or classic paint job didn’t come easy. The Ingersoll Rand 328b 8 Inch orbital sander cuts down on many of these hours spent on sanding body filler. It all starts with hours and hours of body work to ensure that all those body panels were perfectly flat. Sanding body filler first, then on to sanding primer, applying paint, clear, wet-sand, buff and more.

Ingersoll Rand 328B 8 Inch Orbital Sander Features

First, the Ingersoll Rand 328b is a geared orbital sander, so it has a forced rotation in both spinning and orbiting. Second, the pad is 8 inches in diameter, hence significantly larger than the typical five or six inch orbital. The forced rotation and large eight-inch pad make much quicker work of the undulations from fresh-laid body filler.

To get a body panel lazer-straight, it’s almost imperative to skim coat the panel with body filler or glazing. Even the best painter or body-man can’t apply this without ridges and valleys. We applied some of our US Chemical feather-rite body filler on our ’71 Olds 442 hood. After curing, we used the Ingersoll Rand 328b 8 Inch orbital sander to level out the highs and lows. Using the IR 328b on the body filler, we were able to accomplish in 3 minutes what would typically take 15-20 minutes block-sanding by hand.



  • Ingersoll Rand 328b Model#: 328B
  • Minimum Hose Size: 3/8″
  • Average Air Consumption: 4 cfm
  • Air Consumption At Load: 16 cfm
  • Air Inlet: 1/4″ NPT
  • Pad Diameter: 8″
  • Orbit Diameter: 5/32″
  • Warranty: One Year

Ingersoll Rand did a great job at building the 328b with many metal parts and very little plastic. Any user can tell by the shear weight of the 328B. This weight is an asset when sanding. With a 1 year warranty and a price of ~$120, this sander is the way to go when working with body filler.


To purchase your Ingersoll Rand 328B 8 inch orbital sander, click here.

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