New Flex Brushless Sanders – ORE 3-150 and ORE 5-150 Preview

New Flex Brushless Sanders ORE 3-150 FI

New Flex brushless sanders that offer better performance, greater efficiency, and even more durability. You may know FLEX from being a leader in the automotive finishing world or for concrete and metal surface finishing. These sanders are some of the many tools being added to their tool lineup. The tool world may want to look over their shoulder because the FLEX tools arsenal is growing and charging, fast.

FLEX ORE 5-150 Kit


FLEX Brushless Sanders ORE 3-150 and ORE 5-150 Features

Flex ORE 3-150 Sander Power ButtonFLEX is offering these new sanders in the ORE 3-150 and ORE 5-150 model numbers. ORE 3-150 sander has a 3mm orbit while the ORE 5-150 includes a 5mm orbit. Both sanders utilize a 6-inch (150mm) sanding pad adorned with hook & loop (velcro). No triggers to pull here, just a power on/off button and a 6-speed dial. Once FLEX brushless sander is powered on, then just set the speed dial to your desired power/speed. Speed “1” delivers 6,000 no-load rpm and “6” turns it up to 10,000 no-load rpm. Orbits go along with, from 12,000 to 20000 opm.

Laying down all that brushless power, then you need something to carry away the dust. FLEX includes an integrated dust extraction port. The kit comes with a portable filter cartridge that can be attached, or you can choose to hook up to your portable dust extractor. By the way, FLEX makes those too. This included PES filter cartridge has a cyclone function and dust-free working. The soft rubber grip on the top and the loop handle allows you to operate in several ways. You can use the FLEX brushless sanders like a pistol-grip, or you can just ‘palm’ the top. Sand the way you want!

FLEX Brushless Sanders Grip

FLEX ORE 5-150 Sanding PadsFLEX brushless sanders come equipped with a 6-inch velcro backing pad. These backing pads are ready for just about 6-inch (150mm) extraction-style abrasive discs. Multiple ports on the pad offer pass-thru vacuum ports. Depending on your medium and sanding needs, backing pads are available in ultra-soft, soft, and hard.

Our Thoughts

It seemed that sanders were a group of tools that sat untouched as far as features and technology were concerned. A random orbit was a random orbit, slap a name on it and sell it. We’re really glad to see that the times are a-changing. Furthermore, bodyshops have long been a source of endless dust, and now FLEX as an answer. These ORE 3-150 and 5-150 brushless sanders paired with a FLEX dust extractor is the perfect remedy for keeping shops clean. We can’t wait to get our hands on these, so we can take them for a spin…and a real review.

For more information, click here: FLEX.

FLEX ORE 3-150 and 5-150 Specifications

  • Flex ORE 3-150 Sander Extractor PortPower input: 400 watt
  • No load speed: 6000 – 10000 rpm
  • Orbit rate, no load: 12000 – 20000 opm
  • Speeds: 6
  • ORE 3-150 orbit: 3 mm
  • ORE 5-150 orbit: 5mm
  • Backing pad: 6-inch
  • Sanding media fixing: velcro (hook & loop)
  • Dust extraction connection: 27 mm (1.06″)
  • Cable length: 13 ft.
  • Size ( W x L x H): 9 x 5.9 x 4.9 inches
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs

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