RYOBI 5″ Sander Random Orbital One+ 18V Video Review

Random Orbital RYOBI 5" Sander FI


PCL406 One+ 18V RYOBI 5″ Sander Features

The RYOBI 5″ Sander powers to life with the 4Ah One+ HP Lithium batter, churning the 5-inch pad up to 10,000 OPM (Oscillations Per Minute). A simple on/off switch controls the sander, hence only one speed is available. Sanding discs can easily be attached and removed via the hook & loop style backing pad. Holes in the pad and sanding disc allow particulate from the sanding to be extracted and collected in the onboard pouch. We elected to use our new Milwaukee M18 FUEL Vacuum to extract even more dust from the RYOBI PCL406 sander. 

Random Orbital RYOBI 5_ Sander

Rubber overmolding on the top and front of the RYOBI 5″ sander allows for easy one-hand control of this random orbital sander. While the dust collection pouch did a great job of catching most of the dust, using the dust extractor ensures that nothing floats around the shop. Our video of the AirCat 6″ Random Orbital Sander provides a great perspective on this. The Random Orbital action of the sander had a small orbit motion along with the rotation of the pad. We show this in detail in our video. 

Random Orbital RYOBI 5_ Sander_3

Using the RYOBI PCL406 Sander

Whether on rough plywood or a hardwood cutting board, this RYOBI 5″ sander has no issues doing the work. Even with the 80-grit disc installed, the RYOBI was working through the wood without any stalling. While a few sheets of typical sanding discs come with the RYOBI PCL406, we recommend upgrading to a better disc like the Diablo SandNet or even 3M or Festool. You can get the PCL406 RYOBI 5-inch sander as a bare tool for just $59. RYOBI also includes a 3-year warranty on the tool. You should be able to also get this in a kit along with the 4Ah battery and a charger. Although, at the time of this video article, the kit was not available. 

RYBOI PCL406 at Home Depot


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