12V 3-Plane Makita Green Laser Level Video Review

Makita SK700GD Green Laser Level FI

Makita 12V 3-Plane Green Laser Level Features

Just push the power button on this Makita green laser and it will find level and plumb within seconds. This Makita SK700GD green laser includes three green lasers that deliver visibility up to 115′ with the naked eye. Use a laser detector and that distance doubles, up to 230 feet. CXT 12-volt Makita batteries power the laser for up to 14 hours of continuous use on a single charge (4Ah). 

With only two buttons on the Makita SK700DG green laser, this is also very simple to use. One button controls the power On/Off and the same button will cycle through the six different laser options. Two of the green lasers are vertical and the other is horizontal. The second button controls the brightness of the green lasers: Low, Medium, and High. 

Makita Green Laser Level_2

Power and Brightness

A Pendulum Swings

The locking lever near the bottom of the Makita green laser base will lock and unlock the lasers. These green laser heads hang much like a pendulum in a clock; hence this is how they find level/plumb. As long as the laser is within 4 degrees of level, the until will find level and plum automatically. If it’s more than 4 degrees out, the laser lines and the power button will flash. All three laser heads are protected with a metal hood to ensure they don’t get damaged. 

Makita SK700GD Green Laser Level_5

Final Thoughts

While the Makita SK700GD Green Laser Level is very impressive, the accessories which come with the kit are nearly equal. The base attached to the SK700GD includes a knob for fine adjustments up to +/- 10 degrees. You also get a base that can be magnetized to metal or mounted to a screw or nail. Yet another base can be integrated to the first base, providing a fine or micro-adjustment for vertical movement. You can get the Makita SK700GD Green Laser as a bare tool for $489 or the purchase the SK700GD-NAJ Kit for $579. Makita covers this green laser level with a 3-year warranty.

Makita SK700GD at ACME Tools

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