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Getting the great sound from a jobsite radio has been non-existent until now. You have to checkout the DeWALT ToughSystem radio and charger for yourself.

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There’s nothing like helping the day go by faster than pumping some tunes into the shop or jobsite. However, typical jobsite radios may play music, but they lack the full range of sounds. The DeWALT ToughSystem Radio and charger is here to change this. With four (4) tweeters on opposing corners and a resonated subwoofer underneath, you have to hear it to believe it.

Not only do you get your favorite tunes bellowing from the many speakers, but you can charge your DeWALT 12V or 20V MAX batteries. The ToughSystem radio can be powered by the 12V or 20V MAX batteries or from the included AC power adapter. With this beast, you’ll probably have to worry about the supervisor telling you to turn it down.

This DeWALT ToughSystem radio and charger is a full-sized radio but it’s not terribly heavy. In fact, one of the perks is that it’s part of the DeWALT ToughSystem Sotrage Organization system. It can be locked onto one of the mobile carts and wheeled to the perfect spot. Of course, you can also just pick it up like any normal person and carry it with the comfy rubber overmolded handle.


DeWALT ToughSystem Radio and Charger Features

Let’s start off with the most impressive feature, the subwoofer – yes, this is opinion, but I am writing the article. On the bottom side of the DWST08810 ToughSystem music, there are two large circles that look like 2 subs. In actuality, this is one sub and one resonator, and this gives the ToughSystem radio an awesome full range of sound. Second to this is the 4 tweeters that reside amidst the top of radio on the four corners. Even with a large shop or outside in the open, the sound carries and is impressive.

DeWalt ToughSystem Music Sub

Any device can be connected with Bluetooth, USB, or 3.5mm AUX. The Bluetooth connectivity is said to have a range of 100 feet. While we haven’t tested a full 100, we do know it works at the opposite end of our shop, which is over 60 feet. The USB port will also charge your smart device at 5V/1A.

DeWalt ToughSystem Music -2


If you like great sound, just buy it! At this time, we would have to call this the king of the hill. Was that a recommendation? Of course, and a very strong one. Hear it for yourself and you’ll know why. At only $199, this is not crazy expensive either, comparatively. Also, DeWALT covers the ToughSystem radio and charger with a 3-Year limited warranty.


Click the link to purchase your own DeWALT 08810 ToughSystem Radio and Charger.



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