John Dow Industries Fluid Extractor JDI-6EV Video Review

JDI-6EV Fluid Extractor FI

John Dow Industries Fluid Extractor Features

Using a Fluid Extractor like the JDI-6EV from John Dow Industries can really keep things clean. Using an extractor is sometimes the only option on some of our newer vehicles as well. More and more gearboxes and transmissions have no service ports, so the only way in is through the dipstick. We tested the JDI-6EV on a Correct Craft ski boat with an inboard Chevy 5.7 (350).

This fluid extractor is built like a tank and it’s built with industrially standard parts and accessories. Just about every piece should be serviceable, even in the years to come. You get a welded steel tank, quarter-turn ball valves, quick couplers, and clear hoses, just to name a few features. You can pull a vacuum on the tank and remove fluids such as motor oil and transmission fluid. Once you’ve maximized the 6-gallon capacity, just pressurize the tank and push the fluid out to your recycling drum.

Using this John Dow Industries extractor reminded us a little of our review of the OEM Coolant Extractor. Be sure to check out that video review!

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Correct Craft Oil Change

Inboard ski boats typically have a Chevy or Ford V-8 stuffed between the stringers near the rear of the boat. While the older generations were very simple, the dawn of wakeboard boats has stuffed scores of additional accessories in the same space. Rather than doing the typical oil drain out the drain plug of the hull, we opted on using the John Dow fluid extractor. We pulled the dipstick, slid the correct-sized probe into the dipstick tube, then evacuated the oil.


Before pulling the oil out, we attach the air-line to the connection on the tank and open the correct valves. A venturi effect pulls a vacuum on the drum; hence, once the gauge reads Max, we shut the valves off. The vacuum in the tank is more than enough to pull 6-quarts from the oil pan, without the need for the compressor air line.  

Be sure to check out the full video review. 

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