Milwaukee M12 Air-Tip Utility Nozzle Video Review

Milwaukee M12 Utility Nozzle FI

Milwaukee M12 Air-Tip Powered Nozzle Features

If you think the Milwaukee M12 Air-Tip Utility Nozzle is just another vacuum attachment, you’re sorely mistaken. Right away you realize that the onboard M12 battery self-powers that motor and beater-bar on the tip. In addition, the large LED light across the front provides an excellent view of the debris in front. A power button on the front cycles the power “On” and “Off”.  When you press the power button, the battery gauge light illuminates disclosing the amount of charge remaining. 

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Milwaukee M12 Utility Nozzle

Since the Milwaukee M12 Air-Tip is self-powered, then you can literally attach this to almost any vacuum. You just have to make sure that you have a 1-7/8″ to 2-1/2″ hose attachment. A sliding plastic door allows for vacuum bleed-off in the instance where the suction side of the nozzle wants to attach itself to the surface. The open door will allow for the venturi effect to continue suction.

Milwaukee M12 Utility Nozzle_4

Beater-Bar, Lights, and More

Think of a Dyson on steroids, the beater bar on the Milwaukee M12 Air-Tip nozzle stirs up any mess and debris in its way. In addition to typical construction dust and dirt, we added a cup full of broken tempered glass. After a single pass, the M12 Air-Tip took care of 90% of the debris, one more pass left the carpet clean. Even with the new Milwaukee M18 FUEL Wet Dry Vacuum as the suction source, this new nozzle does an amazing job. The foot of the nozzle that contains the beater bar easily pivots to adjust to angles from 45 to 90-degrees. 

Milwaukee M12 Utility Nozzle_3

We all understand the hassle of long hair and dog hair collecting on a vacuum beater bar. This will be no different; however, Milwaukee makes it easy to remove the beater bar to clear any obstacles from the brushes and roller. You can get the Milwaukee M12 Air-Tip Nozzle for $79 without the battery. 

Milwaukee M12 Air-Tip Nozzle at Home Depot


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