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4 Comments on Ryobi Garage Door Opener and Module System

  1. Dan E.

    I bought this and installed it as a replacement over the weekend. There was one free module offered so I took the most expensive and practical; the retracting extension cord. The GDO was easy enough to install but I still haven’t been able to make the outside remote work correctly. It’s not easy to sync and hitting the “0” button at the end never verified the function as the directions indicate. Now it will raise the door but not lower it. I haven’t been able to contact Ryobi about it yet. It’s also a bit slower than the Lift Master it replaced but only a little, and I don’t mind the beeping or flashing too much when it closes except when its LED is the only light in the garage, then I can’t move fast enough to get into the house. I also wish the motion sensor included a light sensor too. In the middle of the day I walk under the opener and the LED comes on. That’s not necessary and avoidable. On the plus side it is WAY more quiet than the chain driven opener it replaces and the module idea is VERY SMART! Programming the openers was easy once I had all the practice from trying to program the outside unit. I hope Ryobi starts selling more car remotes soon. I have 4 drivers in my house and I’d like to buy 2 more remotes. I also hope the fan and bluetooth speaker are functional enough to really be useful. They’ll make great Father’s Day gifts!

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