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If you like staying organized and don’t like power and extension cords everywhere, then the GRID power strip may be for you.

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Cordless is now a way of life. Phones, tools, computers, speakers, lights, and about any other device you can dream up are nearly all cordless. To be cordless, typically requires a battery, and these batteries need charging from time to time. Working out of a toolbox or workbench sometimes limits your ability for accessing power outlets. The TechLife GRID power strip gives you access to nine power outlets and four USB ports for charging your tools, phones and gadgets.

Working out of a shop, there are many times when I only have access to an outlet, or maybe two. With that being the case, I have to run extension cords and/or power-strips. Sure, I have a toolbox with power outlets and USB ports built-in, but even then, they are limited in number. With the the GRID power strip, I can charge my phone, light, and several power tools at the same time. This keeps all my devices in the same location, so I don’t have to chase around finding my tools and gadgets on charge. It also eliminates the need to pull out and roll-up extension cords every time.


About TechLife

TechLife creates and manufactures professional-grade, cost-effective, flexible solutions that hold up on the job, at home and on the road. Their philosophy is to enhance life through innovation and stimulate productivity through functionality. This fundamental commitment is shared by every member of the Tech-Life team and is embodied in every cutting-edge product they design.

TechLife GRID Power Strip

TechLife GRID Power Strip Features

TechLife GRID USBFrom a distance, the GRID looks like it may be a simple power strip, but this is simply not the case once you look around the unit. Surge protection is built into the GRID to keep your power tool batteries and fragile electronics safe. All four USB ports output at 2.1 amps, so you can even charge your larger devices, such as tablets. In addition, the low profile and non-slip exterior allow the user to place their tool chargers and electronics on top of the GRID, while still keeping a neat appearance.

Five (5) power outlets adorn the back side of the GRID and four (4) on the front. The power can be controlled as to which are hot and which are not. In other words, with the push of a button, you can turn on/off the front (4) outlets, or turn on/off the back (5). This is a great feature when you have multiple high-amp batteries on charge at the same time, as this may cause you to trip a circuit. Controlling the power and USB outlets with the push of a button provides the user control over the power output.

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GRID Power Strip Final Word

TechLife GRID Power Management ButtonsWhile most of us have a home of some sort where we lay our heads at night, by day, we live out of our toolboxes. The TechLife GRID power strip will give you some freedom to at least organize where you charge your devices, hence you can do it all in one place.  The nine (9) high capacity power outlets and four (4) fast-charging USB ports, all under surge protection, provides all your charging needs with some additional insurance.

Items being charged can be left on top of the GRID power strip and still allow you to close your toolbox lid. Even if you don’t close the lid, or even have a lid, the low profile keeps things looking good. The GRID power strip looks good even sitting on your desktop in the office. At a price of roughly $135, the power strip will cost you some of your folding-money. If you like staying organized and don’t like power and extension cords everywhere, then the GRID power strip may be for you. Mine lives in the toolbox top and charges my phone, led light and power tools nearly every day.

To learn more about the GRID power strip, please click here.


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