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As a tradesman, carrying tool and parts around is what you do. The Husky 18-inch rolling tote can help make this easier.

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Traveling to work with your tools, or from job site to job site can be a real pain. Have you ever used those crazy bucket-liner things to hold your tools in a 5-gallon bucket? Ugh, what an idea – or not! The Husky 18-inch rolling tote offers storage for your tools and still gives some room for parts and pieces to fix stuff. At less than $80 and a 3-year warranty, it’s hard to go wrong.

The Husky tote is made from 600 Denier, providing good wear and rip resistance. The zipper doesn’t have the water-resistant flap like it’s big brother, the Husky 22 Inch Rolling Tote Pro, but it still keeps out the majority of job site contaminants. Storage in the 18-inch tote is ample, and this seems to be a great value for that trades-person that’s on-the-go.

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Husky 18-inch Rolling Tote Features

Husky’s 18-inch rolling tote is 18 inches wide, 17 inches tall and it’s 9 inches deep. The inside is lined with pockets for inserting screwdrivers, nut drivers, pliers, etc. While standard length hand tools will fit in the pockets, longer screwdrivers and such don’t fit well. With the longer tools in the pockets, the top won’t close and zip. Pockets around the outside of the tote allow for even more tools and parts to be carried. I found this great for my 12-volt drill and impact, cordless ratchet, bit set, and even some snacks.

Husky Tote - Large OpeningBuild quality is better than good on the Husky 18-inch rolling tote. Most stitching that will see rugged use has cross-stitching for reinforcement. I like to see the forward thinking from Husky on this. One feature that I would like to see changed would be some bigger wheels, which protrude beyond the back of the tote. As it is, when traversing stairs, the wheels aren’t used, and you pretty much drag it up the stair risers.

This Husky 18-inch rolling tote can be purchased for less than $80, and it comes with a 3-year warranty. I don’t see this as a great organizer, but it does work very well for hauling tools and parts to the place where the user will work. The build quality is great and the warranty backs it up. Get yours today online or from your local Home Depot.

Husky 82001N11 Rolling Tote Specifications

  • Wheel OffsetDimensions
    • Depth: 9″
    • Height: 17″
    • Width: 18″
  • Material: 600 Denier Polyester
  • Number of Inside Pockets: 7
  • Number of Outside Pockets: 11
  • Tape Holder: Yes (2)
  • Wheels: Yes
  • Price: $79.97 – exclusively at Home Depot

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4 years ago

Thanks for pointing out that it isn’t much of an organizer. That feature is very important to me. Also wheel size is a minor issue, but still an issue. I am really glad now I didn’t bite on the black Friday sales of this, even with the other bags thrown in. Keep it up!