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If you are looking for more storage for your tools and you desire to have better mobility in the shop, then you should have a look at the Monster cart locker combo.

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Can someone have too many tools, or have a tool box too big? I know, these are really stupid questions. The answer is the same for both. Of course, Not! Well, maybe you have an acceptable tool box, but you still want to add to your tool storage. It could be that you just want to upgrade your workbench and add storage. Either way, you should have a look at the Monster cart locker combo, service cart and workbench.

With the Monster cart locker combo, you get a mobile workbench with 7 drawers of tool storage, but wait, there’s more. Also included is the Monster service cart with 7 more drawers and a compartment on the top for storage with a locking lid. Large roller casters enable the user to roll either unit to the desired location; albeit, the workbench is a bit larger and weighs a lot more. The Monster service cart is very easy to roll and is meant to be mobilized in the shop. Throw your tools in the service cart for the day, and you don’t have to run back forth to your main tool box. Keep your time efficient and effective, productive work, not redundant activities like multiple trips to the same place.


Monster Cart Locker Combo

At the end of the work day, the mechanic can wheel the Monster service cart over to the workbench-locker, open the cabinet doors of the workbench-locker, and tuck the service cart away. The doors will close and lock on the workbench-locker, so the service cart itself is locked behind the locker doors on the workbench.  In addition, the drawers and lid on the service cart also lock.

Monster Cart Locker Combo

Monster Workbench Locker Features

Monster WorktopThe workbench is not a small unit, at 72” long and 24” deep, the worktop of this unit provides ample room for tools, parts and pieces. Brushed stainless steel covers the MDF work surface, so this gives a modern appearance and makes for easy cleanup. One barrel key locks all 7 drawers and a separate barrel key locks the locker doors.

Rolling this monster (pun inteneded) made possible because of the large 6-inch by 2-inch roller bearing casters. These large rubber casters provide 550 lbs. capacity each. Four of the rolling casters swivel and also have locking levers. The other two casters are fixed in position, and these two are located at the opposite end of the cart, from the handle. A large rubber coated steel handle make gripping and moving the large workbench more comfortable.

Monster Service Cart Features

Monster Service CartIf you wrench on cars and/or you work out of a large shop, then you understand the convenience of a service cart. This Monster service cart stands nearly 40-inches tall, 35-inches wide and 20-inches deep.  Seven drawers and the top compartment are lockable from one barrel key. This means when the service cart is locked in the workbench-locker, anything in the service cart is double locked. Extry security! Large 5-inch rubber casters enable easy rolling of the cart for any user. The rubber gripped handle aids in the comfort of moving as well.

Matte black finishing on the service cart hides most dirty fingerprints. At the same time, the powder coating makes cleanup a breeze. The lid on this service cart lifts when unlocked, due to the gas struts connected from the main body to the lid. If the lid is open, then the drawers are unlocked. Close the lid, and the drawers are locked. Of course, the only way to keep the lid closed is to lock the lid with the barrel key.

Monster Workbench Worktop

Final Words

Monster Oversized CastersYou will be seeing a lot more of this Monster cart locker combo, both the workbench-locker and the service cart. This will be used in the Shop Tool Reviews shop for camera and video shoots of tools and accessories. The bright green paint and the stainless top will definitely help with it standing out in our featured articles. We will also utilize the great storage capacity for our plethora of tools.

All the drawers on the workbench-locker and the service cart have ball bearing glides for smooth operation. We would like to see soft-close drawers on these units, but we can’t get everything, all the time.  The workbench-locker stands pretty tall, at roughly 44”. Working from a surface this high will require a pretty tall mechanic, platform, or stepping stool. I stand 6’3” and it seems fairly tall to me. Of course, the primary purpose for these units are for storage and mobility, which they succeed very well.


If you are looking for more storage for your tools and you desire to have better mobility in the shop, then you should have a look at the Monster cart locker combo. Get it in your favorite Monster colors, black and green or green and black. If you do purchase these units, make sure you pack a lunch and phone a friend. These boxes are Heavy and solid. The Monster workbench-locker even ships with the casters already on it. Remove the cardboard and foam surrounding, and you are ready to roll.

To purchase yours today, click here.

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