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Sonic Tools Backpack Tool Kit Features

While it is quite impressive, this Backpack Tool Kit is just the tip of the iceberg when comes to Sonic Tools quality and organization. If you have any understanding of Sonic, then you probably know they have a keen eye when it comes to organization. Furthermore, their tools rank with the best as well. The Sonic Tools Backpack can be purchased as just the pack, so you can stuff it with your favorite tools. You can also decide between two different backpack tool kit offerings as well. One is an 84-piece kit, and the other includes more than 100 tools in the kit.

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This Sonic Backpack is made from 1680D ballistic nylon fabric. Ballistic nylon was originally developed by the Dupont corporation for flak jackets for World War II airmen. In short, it’s a tough fabric that will hold up even in harsh environments. The backpack includes 51 individual tool holders along with 7 zippered pockets. The bottom of the bag is encapsulated by a thick plastic coating, which almost gives it a bucket effect. This protects your tools even if it’s sitting in a puddle.

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A Place For Everything

Inside the largest zippered pocket of this backpack tool kit is a folding insert. This insert allows for tool placement on four sides. Not only can you carry and organize a plethora of screwdrivers and drivers, but there’s also a place for a roll-up wrench set. Large hook-and-loop straps will even contain a full socket set. Sonic even provides an inventory sheet for the two different toolkits, so you know where to insert the tools.

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Final Thoughts

All Sonic Tools USA tools are covered under their lifetime warranty, and you don’t have to worry about a tool truck coming around. Just shoot them an email and you’ll have your tool replacement in a couple of days. The Sonic Tools Backpack Tool Kit is also covered under a limited lifetime warranty as well. Pricing will depend upon which kit you decide. Expect to spend a couple hundred bucks on the pack alone.

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