MAC Tools Cordless Screwdriver Video Review

MAC Tools SBD4V52S Cordless Screwdriver FI

MAC Tools Cordless Screwdriver Features 

Since you probably have every other tool in a cordless configuration, then why wouldn’t you choose to get this MAC Tool Cordless Screwdriver kit as well?! Ok, that’s not a very reason to purchase this set, but it is still true. At first glance, one might think this is your “typical” screwdriver and bit set, but you would be very wrong. The proper model number for this cordless screwdriver kit is SBD4V52S. 

This cordless screwdriver is powered by a 4-volt onboard battery. Use the included USB-C charging cord to recharge the 4V onboard battery. A small LED light just above the charging port shines green when fully charged, then changes to Amber, then Red as the charge depletes. A simple rocker switch provides the forward and reverse (tighten and loosen) action. 

MAC Tools SBD4V52S Cordless Screwdriver kit

SBD4V52S Kit – 52 Pieces

In addition to the cordless screwdriver and the USB-C cord, you also get 50+ other bits and pieces. MAC Tools includes Phillips 0 through 4 bits, Pozi-drive Phillips, Torx, Allen (hex), and even security bits in hex and Torx as well. The sliding collar on the front of the screwdriver slides back to accept new bits, then it springs back into place, locking the bit into place. 

MAC Tools Cordless Screwdriver LED Light

Our Thoughts

This MAC Tools cordless screwdriver kit is actually a very handy and applicable kit. We also came up with a few more bits and accessories that make the kit even more valuable. You’ll have to watch the video to get these, but let’s just say that it includes a few sockets and an adapter. Let us know if you think something else should be added. 

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