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Have you ever wondered if there was a way that you could fix those nasty seats in your car or truck? We show you how to replace leather seat covers. However, this process will work just fine for leather, vinyl, or fabric. We reached out to the great people at The Seat Shop and they sent us new leather seat covers for our 2003 Chevy Silverado 1500HD pickup.

The Process

We first unboxed all the seat covers from the package. We need to make sure there were no defects in the material and that nothing in shipping damaged any of the items. Next, we sorted the seat covers for each seat. In our case, the plans included fixing the driver and passenger bucket seats; hence, the cushion and backrest on each. Furthermore, the armrest on the driver’s front seat required attention as well. It does require a close eye to make sure that each leather seat cover matches the particular seat. Left and right (driver and passenger) seat cushions only differ by a slight amount.

Leather Seat Cover Old

Broken Down Driver’s Cushion

The Seat Shop does label each seat cover, but you should still ensure that each is correct. Ensure that your workspace is clean. This may not be ultra-important during teardown, but it definitely is once you start installing the brand new leather seats. Since our driver’s front cushion suffers from eighteen years of abuse, we replace the foam with their DuraFoam cushion. This very dense foam is sure to hold up for another 20-years of abuse.

New Leather Seat Covers

Our Thoughts

Our before and after transformation is nothing short of a miracle. I have been involved in the auto-trim (glass and upholstery) for decades, growing up in the family business. We are very impressed with the quality of these seat covers. It’s not difficult to replace leather seat covers but it does require some patience and concentration.

Durafoam Cushion
Seat Cushion Bottom Driver
Driver Armrest Cover
Seat Cushion Bottom Passenger
Backrest (Top) Driver
Seat Backrest (Top) Passenger

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