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Should You Perform Impact Wrench Maintenance?

Typically, the answer to this question of whether to do impact wrench maintenance falls into two categories. Those that do it to prolong their impact wrenches or those that say “I’m gonna run the guts out of it and buy another one.” In our minds, either of these is perfectly acceptable. For those that are interested in doing a little maintenance, we thought we’d make it easier for you.

Our samples for surgery are the brand new Snap-On CT9015 Brushless Impact Wrench and our several-year-old Milwaukee 2863 High Torque Impact with OneKey.


There have been a few times that we’ve opened up some power tools on social media or the interweb. It never fails, we always get a few gasps and some comments like: “I would be scared to death to do that.” It’s really not that difficult, and anyone who is using power tools in the first place should be able to accomplish this. With that said, don’t hold us responsible if your tool is a brick when you get done.

Grease It Up

Most of the cordless impact wrenches that we’ve disassembled have a lot of similarities as to how they come apart. Torx screws are the most likely candidate for holding things together, such as the case with our Snap-On and Milwaukee impact wrenches. Once apart, there’s really not a lot to do other than clean up any dirty lube and apply new grease. Ensure everything is clean and put it back together in reverse order of disassembly. Let us know if you’ve had any hiccups when performing impact wrench maintenance.

Milwaukee 2863 at Home Depot

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