Kaiweets Multimeter KM601 Video Review – Parasitic Draw

Kaiweets Multimeter KM601 FI

Kaiweets Multimeter KM601 Features

Getting in your car to find a dead battery is no fun. Not only do you have to deal with a dead battery but you also have to find the culprit to the problem. We use the Kaiweets Multimeter to show you how to perform a parasitic draw test to help identify the drain. This KM601 smart multimeter from Kaiweets offers a large digital display without the large dial that we’re used to.

Kaiweets Multimeter KM601

When you power up the Kaiweets multimeter, it opens in the Auto Function feature. The digital needle bounces between the Voltage (AC & DC), Ohms, and Continuity. Once you place the leads on the test subject, the multimeter can automatically detect which mode it should be. Pressing the big red Auto/Func button will allow you to manually select the option you desire as well.

Testing for Parasitic Draw or Drain

There are a couple of ways that you can check for Parasitic Draw. First, be sure the KM601 (or another multimeter) is in the 10A setting for the current draw. To confirm there is a drain, with the key off and the car’s computer at rest, remove the negative battery cable, then place the leads of the Kaiweets Multimeter inline with the battery negative post and the battery negative cable. One end of the multimeter should be attached to the cable and the other lead attached to the post. If there is a drain, the meter should be registering the value in Amps or mA. 

Kaiweets Multimeter KM601 FI

The second way to test is to set the multimeter to mV. Ensure the battery cables are attached and test each fuse with the Kaiweets Multimeter leads. Once the leads are on the fuse lugs, the meter should rest at “zero” within a few seconds. If the meter continues to show a value, then that circuit is pulling a draw on the system.  

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