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Final Thoughts

No longer drag an air hose or extension cord for your fabrication and porting work. The new M18 Fuel 1/4″ Milwaukee cordless die grinder gives your power and portability.

Welding repair, fabrication and engine building are all hard to accomplish without a powerful 1/4″ die grinder. Typically, die grinders in the shop are driven by electric or air, hence dragging cords and hoses around with. With the Milwaukee cordless die grinder M18 FUEL, you get the power without the cords or hoses.

We recently put the Milwaukee 2784 1/4″ die grinder through some testing, to give it a full review. We were quite surprised with power output, as well as battery life. Balance of the Milwaukee cordless die grinder was pretty centered, with the 5Ah 18v battery installed. This allowed for good control of a long tool, like most full-sized die grinders.

Testing and reviewing the 2784 from Milwaukee involved some porting on an aluminum intake manifold, cleaning up welds on 1/2″ plate steel, and some playing around on 1/4″ angle iron. Through all the testing, we used less than half the battery life on the 5.0Ah XC Redlithium. We covered the original release of the M18 1/4″ Milwaukee Cordless Die Grinder a few months back. Our mouths have been watering ever since to get the Milwaukee 2784 in the shop for a hands-on review.

Milwaukee Wrenches 1/4" Collet1/4″ Milwaukee Cordless Die Grinder M18 FUEL Specifications

  • Model: 2784-20 Tool Only, 2784-22 Kit (2 – 5Ah batteries, charger, and case)
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Length: 18.00″
  • Weight: 3.05 lbs
  • Height: 4.50″
  • Width: 3.25″
  • Tool Warranty: 5 Years
  • Price: 2784-20 (Tool) – $199; 2784-22 (Kit) – $399


M18 FUEL Die Grinder PortingIn conclusion, the Milwaukee cordless die grinder M18 FUEL surpassed my expectations. Through years in car restorations, engine building and building race cars, I’ve had my chance at using die grinders of many sorts. This Milwaukee model 2784 1/4″ cordless die grinder accomplished the tasks without a hitch.

Electric and electric/cable-driven die grinders sometimes offer variable speed, for use with different bits. The Milwaukee cordless die grinder M18 only has on/off, which turns at 20,000 RPM. This may limit the uses for the M18, and it is vitally important to use bits rated for 20,000 RPM. Maybe version 2 of the Milwaukee M18 cordless die grinder will offer variable speed.

Adding up the power the 2784 M18 FUEL delivers, portability, as well as the 5 year warranty from Milwaukee Tool, we can easily recommend this M18 Milwaukee cordless die grinder as a professional tool.

To get your 1/4″ Milwaukee Cordless Die Grinder M18 FUEL, click here.

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