Cordless Alliance System: Metabo Battery Now Powers 8 Tool Brands

Cordless Alliance system

Down in sleepy Nürtingen, the forward-thinking, German branch of Metabo has been hard at work structuring a cordless battery partnership that should provide the template for brand synergy that will likely kick off the dawn of a new era in cordless tool freedom and convenience.  They’ve recently announced their partnership with eight, count them, eight other cordless power tool manufacturers. Their partnership, known as the Cordless Alliance System (CAS), represents the first of its kind among power tools, true leadership in the marketplace, and an example for other manufacturers to follow.


The Who’s Who Of The Cordless Alliance System

But what heroes of the tool market make up this Cordless Alliance System, and what is this allegiance’s purpose? Under the new CAS, nine manufacturers of similar company size will team up to share the same battery and charger platform. Eisenblatter, Eibenstock, Haaga, Starmix, Collomix, Steinel, Mafell, and Rothenberger have all jumped into this allegiance. You probably haven’t heard all of these names before, but they’re, like, big overseas, probably.

Cordless Alliance SystemNow, users who have bought into any of these nine brands will be able to use Metabo’s 18V Lithium-Ion High-Density Batteries with their CAS tools. It’s not quite as awesome as showing the world truth, justice, and the American way. But, according to Metabo, “this [alliance] proves that Metabo is the most innovative and forward-thinking tool manufacturer in the industry today,” which is also pretty cool, I guess.

How did these titans of industry come to this arrangement? Dr. Christian Heine, Managing Director at Rothenberger, gives us one answer:

“Due to the developments in the past years, Metabo has conquered the technological leadership and currently offers the most powerful system in the industry.”

This partnership should provide users more overall freedom and flexibility, as the CAS provides a broader range of tools. Additionally, this partnership should save the end-user some money as well. Currently, the Cordless Alliance System includes over 110 power tools, and Horst Garbrecht, President of Metabo, expects the CAS to continue to grow:

“With Lithium-Ion High-Density Battery (LiHD) we have enough power for the most energy-intensive applications, allowing us to build any hand-held power tool in a cordless version in such a way it meets the professional user’s requirements of power and endurance.”

Final Thoughts

Sure, some of Metabo’s press release quotes sound delusionally pompous, especially in the American market. But, to give credit where it’s due, the idea to join up with other smaller brands has some merit. Perhaps the Cordless Alliance System can bring about Metabo’s vision of both a cordless construction site and metalworking shop, all run on the same battery platform. If the idea takes off in Germany, there’s little doubt that more manufacturers in the American market will follow suit.



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