Industry Update: A Shortage Of Mechanics In The USA Video

On a recent episode of PTR Live, we talked about some of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ recent findings. In 2016, the Bureau had estimated a national annual shortage of mechanics, but they claimed that the number registered somewhere around 24,000. Well, they’ve recently amended those numbers. They are now claiming that, in the US, we’re closer to being short 75,000 qualified mechanics for 2018.


A Shortage Of Mechanics

This number triples what the Bureau of Labor Statistics originally predicted. With this sort of obvious demand, the prospect of getting into the industry would seem pretty sweet, at least in an ideal world. Anyone looking to make a career out of this type of work ought to have plenty of job security.

Of course, we’ve known Pros that would argue that this shortage of mechanics shouldn’t surprise us. Why is that? Some mechanics will argue that, currently, low wages present an issue, and that the job doesn’t offer much opportunity for upward mobility. However, supply and demand would dictate that this trend should change eventually.

In any case, for those guys considering getting into a trade, having a shortage of mechanics in the U.S. means that ther’s plenty of work to be done. It might be worth considering.







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