ISN Tool Dealer Expo 2017 – Gaylord Palms – Orlando

ISN Tool Dealer Expo 2017

SK Tool BoxMedia events are great, and we are blessed to have the opportunity to travel to all the great shows throughout the year. Trade shows bring another layer of excitement, since it brings multiple manufacturers together under one roof. The Integrated Supply Network (ISN) is the nation’s largest independent tool distributor, bringing hundreds of manufacturers to the independent tool resaler. These may be auto parts stores, tool trucks or industrial supply providers.

Each year the tool distributor giant hosts an annual event. This year, the ISN Tool Dealer Expo 2017 is held at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando (near Orlando anyway – actually Kissimmee). With Shop Tool Reviews and Pro Tool Reviews headquartered in Central Florida, it’s just a short 30-minute drive for us. That’s much nicer that jumping on a plane to Timbuktu. ISN not attracts manufacturers and customers/wholesalers with tools and benefits, but it also helps by having the event at the family-friendly, vacation-resort haven area. Many of the attendees bring their family and stay past the Tool Dealer Expo, or come early. With Disney, Universal Studios, Lego Land, Busch Gardens, water parks, golf courses, fishing, and even beaches within an easy driving distance, there is plenty to please for everyone.

I love living here! Even if it is ~100°F this time of year.


ISN Tool Dealer Expo 2017 – Attending Manufacturers

Pelican Realtree Camo

Pelican Realtree Camo

After attending the ISN tool dealer expo last year, I have been looking forward to it for the past few months. This is a great time to catch up with some of the great people we’ve come to know with the manufacturers, and ISN. The ISN Tool Dealer Expo 2017 includes manufacturers such as Monster, KTI, Ingersoll Rand, ACDelco Tools, Wilton, JET, Milwaukee, Makita, DeWalt, AIRCAT, Sunex Tools, Gearwrench, Lisle, Pelican, Kershaw, SATA, Bosch, and many more. While we did peruse almost every booth, we can’t begin to cover it all. We do our best to cover some of the new tools, and we will continue to deliver more information from ISN and the Tool Dealer Expo throughout the year.

In addition to many sales staff being on hand to take orders, many of the manufacturers also had product managers and even engineers to help answer technical questions. Many of the booths also had areas for product demonstrations and hands-on opportunities. Some booths provided snacks, candy, beer, ice cream, and the typical show swag.

Pelican Products – Coolers and Waterproof Cases


Pelican is a US-based company that also manufactures in the US. Most products are manufactured in the Torrance, CA and Deerfield, MA facilities. The company employs more than 1,300 worldwide, with the majority located in their southern California location. While the company has branched into drinkware and other products, their mainstay is protective cases, coolers and lights.

Here at the ISN Dealer Expo 2017, Pelican launches the Realtree camo line of coolers and cases. This is a licensed line of products only available from Pelican. All Pelican cases go through rigorous testing to ensure protection from dust and moisture. They want all their users to trust Pelican products on the jobsite and the weekends. Pelican backs up their products with a replacement ultimate lifetime guarantee.

Pelican Coolers and Cases

K-Tool International – KTI

KTI Locking Funnel

KTI Locking Funnel

K-Tool International, otherwise known as KTI, is an ISN company located in Wixom, MI. KTI serves the aftermarket and professional mechanic, and has been doing so since 1984. One of the notable tools that KTI launched is an innovative funnel that locks into just about any opening. It’s hard to imagine a funnel being innovative. Think about it, this is probably a hundred year old problem, the need for two hands to pour fluids. With the KTI funnel, the technician compresses the spring-loaded handle to place the spout in the opening, release the handle, and the funnel locks into place. The funnel also disassembles for more flexibility and cleanup.

Jacked Up

KTI Tire Inflator

KTI Tire Inflator

KTI also shows us their die-cast aluminum tire inflator with a flex hose protected by a spring. This inflator has a 230PSI gauge included as well, with an accuracy of 1.6 degrees of the gauge. In addition, they debut the 1.5-ton dual piston floor jack, which only requires five pumps to reach a max height of 14.5 inches. Minimum clearance for the KTI jack is three inches. K-Tool stocks repair parts in their Michigan plant for repair and maintenance, and all their jacks are covered with a 2-year warranty. You may have remembered the KTool International KTI63099 3 ton aluminum jack video review we did early this year.

K-Tool Jack Lineup

K-Tool Jack Lineup



TPMS – Tire Pressure Monitoring System – diagnostic tools seem to be a big deal at the show. KTI is jumping in the game with their KTITPMSOBD 46 TPMS tool. The icon-based digital handheld unit lets you check sensors and service systems. Users can also program programmable sensors on most all light-duty cars and trucks. The ODB module can connect to the bottom of the KTITPMSOBD tool to transfer information and reset the vehicle’s ECU as needed. With the KTITPMSPRO 36 sensor decoder, the tools allows you to select make, model, year and trigger sensors so you can address issues right on the line. You can also program programmable sensors on the fly.

Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee NPS17 2017 Featured

High Torque Impact – 1,400 ft-lbs.

With the Milwaukee NPS17 2017 event just behind us, from earlier in June, we have seen most of the new stuff from Milwaukee, but it’s always great to see what Red has to offer for each show. We still put or hands on some of their stuff, and chatted with the great product managers and engineers. Be sure to check out our Top 5 Tools From Milwaukee NPS17 2017.

One of Milwaukee’s most anticipated tools coming this year is the new High Torque impact wrench, furthermore, the new High Torque with the One-Key bluetooth will break new grounds. Breakaway torque is 1,400 ft-lbs on just a 1/2″ anvil. Release date for the new High Torque impact is set for September, and December release for the High Torque with One-Key.


Milwaukee has finally added FUEL brushless technology to their M12 ratchets. They also redesigned the anvils and housings to handle the higher torque, and this is the first release from Milwaukee ratchets in the 1/2″ drive anvil (up to 60 ft-lbs on the 1/2″). These might just replace your pneumatic ratchets, and they are available in 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2″ sizes.

ACDelco Tools

We have some fun using the ACDelco Tools rivet gun and rivet nut installer at the ISN Tool Dealer Expo 2017. The automated rivet gun works by placing the rivet in the hole, pressing the trigger once, then the tool automatically engages the rivet and spits out the stem. Using the rivet nut installer is much the same steps, however it’s not automatic, the user throttles the trigger when needed. We’ll be sure to get these in for review soon.

In addition to the rivet gun and rivet nut installer, ACDelco Tools has the new, sold thru the channel only, 3/8″ drive cordless 12V ratchet. The all-metal polished aluminum body allows the user to put more manual torque on fasteners without breaking the wrench. ACDelco Tools also added rubber overmolding to the handle for additional comfort and grip.

Sunex Tools

Sunex Chrome Ratchet

Sunex Chrome Ratchet

Here at Shop Tool Reviews, we have reviewed several tools from Sunex, and we have been impressed thus far. One notable review was the Sunex Tools SXMC12 Super Duty Mini impact wrench video review, a stubby impact with a lot of punch. Sunex releases the 8035XT service cart here at the ISN Tool Dealer Expo 2017. This has the features of the 8035 but with additional height and width. It has a locking latch on the drawers, and a power strip with three outlets and USB-power is stored within the top space. Both sides have the sliding storage area, and at full extension the user has full access to the middle space. These new Sunex Tools carts are available in neon green, neon orange, black, blue, and red.

The Sunex Tools chrome line of ratchets have a new thin head and a patented handle with a bulb design and an end stop. The new chrome sockets have red SAE markings and blue metric designations, hence the user can easily tell them apart. Sunex also released special colors on their flip-top service carts, in red-white-&-blue, camo, and pink for breast cancer awareness.

Sunex Limited Edition Colors

Sunex Limited Edition Colors

CP – Chicago Pneumatic

Chicago Pneumatic is a brand known for it’s name-sake – pneumatic (air) tools. CP is releasing the new CP7762 3/4″ stubby pneumatic impact wrench. At only 5.9″ long (150mm), the technician can get into tight spaces with plenty of power. In addition, the CP7783 1″ pneumatic impact wrench is 5 pounds lighter, than its predecessor, by using a rocking dog clutch. Dual exhaust (up or down) can be easily changed with three screws. This one-inch beast delivers up to 1770 foot-pounds of torque.

CP 1" Air Impact Wrench

CP 1″ Air Impact Wrench

Monster Tools

Monster Tools is another ISN brand, and they go all in at the ISN Tool Dealer Expo 2017, with one of the largest booths here. The Monster Underhood Led light folds in half for storage and incorporates two individual work lights, which can be detached as needed. They also rotate individually for even more flexibility.

Monster LED Underhood Light

Monster LED Underhood Light



Makita shows off the PO5000C 5-inch dual action orbital polisher. This new polisher from Makita is set to go head-to-head with the big guns in the automotive detailing world. We have been looking forward to this polisher for about a year now, and we even called this a unicorn in our previous coverage of the Makita Distribution and Training Center Media Event. With great ergonomics and tons of power, we anticipate the PO5000C to review very well. In fact, this is already in the hands of our Pro detailers at Michael’s Auto Detailing.

In addition to the polisher, Makita continues to add to their mechanics line of power tools. A few to note are the new 12V and 18V cordless right-angle impacts and the always powerful cordless impact wrenches.

Irwin Tools

Some tools are just necessities, such as most of the tools that Irwin provides. One combo we noticed was the Irwin Performance Threading System with self-aligning taps. The taps have less threading on the very beginning of the tap, so it slips into the drilled hole without needing to start the threads, This allows the user to not be so critical starting the first few threads, hence beginners can use these. Furthermore, the tap and die kit includes the drill bits sized appropriately, and ez-outs for removing broken fasteners. This is another kit we anticipate getting in-house for review.

Wrap Up – ISN Tool Dealer Expo 2017

It’s great to be amongst the tool family to talk shop and enjoy the awesome company. We see new faces and meet new folks, so we have even more reason to do it next year. ISN sets their sights to grow even more, so even more opportunity is out there for the independent tool wholesaler/resaler. We look forward to next year and we’ll keep any news coming from the ISN Tool Dealer Expo 2017.

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