Milwaukee PIPELINE June Update Video – NEW TOOLS!

Milwaukee PIPELINE June FI

NEW TOOLS From Milwaukee PIPELINE June 2022

Tools Galore! The Milwaukee PIPELINE June 2022 exposed scores of new tools in several different trades. Not only did we see new M18 and M12 tools, but many new hand tools and accessories as well. Furthermore, we even saw new updates to Milwaukee M12 and M18 batteries themselves. What used to be the New Product Symposium that happened once a year has now been revamped to Milwaukee PIPELINE which will happen multiple times each year.

New Tools for Automotive

Milwaukee has renamed its automotive sector to Transportation Maintenance Solutions in order to cover a broader audience.

Milwaukee M18 Carry-On 3600W/1800W Power Supply

This runs on four M18 batteries and acts as a simultaneous battery charger when plugged into a 120V extension cord. Eliminating the need for a gas-powered generator.

M18 CarryOn Power Station



M12 REDLITHIUM High Output Batteries

The new Milwaukee m12 CP2.5 and XC5.0 batteries deliver 25% more power and run 25% cooler than previous batteries. Moreso, these M12 batteries include a new design and material that provide more durability to the locking tab. They’re also resistant to corrosive fluids like brake fluid, gasoline, transmission fluid, and brake cleaner.

Milwaukee M12 Batteries

M18 FUEL 1/4″ LockBolt w/One-Key

Users can install lockbolts up to 50% faster than pneumatic tools. The tool delivers 4,500 lbs. (20kN) of pulling force for Magna-Grip®, C6L, C120L, Bobtail® & Hucktainer® (with Adapter 49- 16-2661HT) lockbolts in all materials. As an added benefit, the Lockbolt Tool features ONE-KEY compatibility to allow users to track and manage their tools.

M18 Inflator

This M18 compressor delivers up to 150PSI and is the fastest cordless inflator on the market. The included TrueFill technology automatically checks the pressure a few seconds after shutting off to ensure the pressure is stabilized. If the pressure drops, the inflator will turn back on to provide the necessary air.

M12 FUEL Extended Reach High-Speed Ratchets

Just a few years ago Milwaukee gave us the M12 FUEL Extended Reach ratchets, and later they delivered with High-Speed standard reach ratchets.  The first question asked was: “when will we get an extended reach high-speed ratchet?” Now they’re here, or at least they will be in November.

Milwaukee M12 Ext Reach Hi Speed

REDLITHIUM USB Stick Light w/Magnet

Milwaukee PIPELINE June_3

M12 Underbody Light

Milwaukee 2126 M12 Underbody Light

Flex Head Ratchets in 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″

Spark Plug Sockets and Magnetic Spark Plug Sockets

Ball Peen and Dead Blow Hammers

Hose and Hook Pick Sets


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