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Amazon Electric Pressure Washer FI

Rock & Rocker Electric Pressure Washer Features

Will an electric pressure washer work for you? That’s a loaded question for sure. This Rock & Rocker electric pressure washer is sold on Amazon and claims to have 3,000 PSI and 2.5 GPM. We have our doubts about the specifications. You get the pressure washer with 25′ electrical cord and 25′ pressure washer hose. Also included is the pressure washer wand, the nozzle extension, and 4 pressurized tips in 0, 15, 25, and 40-degrees of angle. A soap dispenser comes with the kit as well.

Power is rated at 1,800 Watts and some quick math will provide us a couple of important numbers. First, we’ll take the 1,800 and divide by ~750 to get HP, which equates to 2.4 horsepower. Then again, we’ll take the 1,800W and divide by 120V which will give us 15 Amps. We know that Volts x Amps equals Watts (VxA=W), so W/V=A. We know that 15 Amps is the most that the typical 120V receptacle will allow. Of course, in your shop you may have some receptacles and circuits that are 20 Amps, but they have special plugs.

Amazon Electric Pressure Washer

Testing GPM

Testing the Rock & Rocker Electric Pressure Washer

After plugging in and hooking up the hose, we used our 5-gallon buck to test GPM. With the unit ON we used the wand to fill a bucket for 1 minute. This yielded 1.86 gallons per minute, which is quite a bit short from the 2.5GPM stated in their marketing. They do list the working GPM to be only 2.0, which is much closer. In addition to our in-house testing on our shop doors, we also placed another unit in the field. Michael’s Auto Detailing ran this Amazon electric pressure washer for 5 days. After these 5 days of use, the pressure washer started to fail. 

Amazon Electric Pressure Washer_2

Final Thoughts

You can get this Rock & Rocker electric pressure washer on Amazon for $150, but durability will be the issue. We recommend to spend a little more to get a RYOBI or Greenworks pressure washer with a better warranty. For a more commercial approach, you probably want something like the Simpson Honda Powered Pressure Washer

Pressure Washer on Amazon

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