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EGO String Trimmer PowerLoad with Line IQ Video Review

56V EGO String Trimmer Features

Can the new EGO String Trimmer with PowerLoad and Line IQ really be that much better than the competition? We’d love to hear your thoughts. EGO is definitely no newcomer to the lawncare tool market, and they’ve pretty much set the standard for cordless leaf blowers. The actual model number is the EGO ST1623 and it includes a carbon fiber shaft that extends and retracts 6-inches. The PowerLoad feature automatically pulls the .095″ string trimmer line into the head by just holding a button. The Line IQ feature automatically senses when the line is short, then it automatically feeds out the right amount of line. This ensures that you never run out of line. 

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PowerLoad Feature

With a 16-inch cutting swath, the EGO 56V string trimmer mows through the grass and weeds with ease. And, there’s plenty of power from the 56-volt arc-lithium battery and brushless motor. A button above the trigger allows you to select Low or High speed. Using a 4Ah battery, the EGO string trimmer will run on Low for about an hour. 

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Pushing the Limits of Our EGO

We put the 56v EGO String trimmer in the hands of a lawncare pro, and we also put it to work in the forest behind our shop. This unit is definitely not lacking in power, and it’s pretty light too. The knee and waist-high weeds and grass did not seem to bother the EGO. We like that they’ve spec’d this unit to run with typical commercial-grade 0.095″ trimmer line. This is usually the go-to line size for the Pro.

The adjustable shaft length and adjustable handle make it easy to change users and positions very quickly. You can get the EGO ST1623 as a kit with the 4Ah battery, and the charger for $299. This includes a 5-year tool warranty and a 3-year battery warranty. 

EGO String Trimmer on Amazon

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Mark A Andrews
Mark A Andrews
9 months ago

Great! Having just purchased my EGO string trimmer last year now this!! With having arthritis, winding the cord in manually can make a grown man cry, the auto threader will be magic!
I do believe my string trimmer will be up for sale now!

Ron Falks
Ron Falks
7 months ago

The Ego line IQ model will NOT work with ANY .095 commercial line. It will auto wind any .095 line but will NOT ADVANCE the line using its IQ technology. This needs to be addressed by EGO and discontinue there False claims.

6 months ago

How does it handle chain link fences?

4 months ago

Battery does not make a good connection when on weed eater and shuts off very frustrating have to wiggle it around to get going.