HYTORC Lithium Series II Torque Gun Video Review

HYTORC Lithium Series II Torque Gun FI

HYTORC Lithium Series II Torque Gun Features

A Torque Gun differs greatly from an impact wrench. While the impact wrench hammers away with violent impacts and loud noises, this HYTORC torque gun calmly and silently applies constant increasing torque to the fastener. Planetary gears act as a transmission to apply torque to the fastener, with almost zero feedback on the user as well. 

HYTORC Lithium Series II Torque Gun_2

Torque guns and precision bolting solutions have been used in Nuclear and other process-piping industries for decades. However, we’re starting to see a shift into Heavy Equipment and Transportation as well. As liability insurance and legal concerns escalate, the HYTORC torque gun provides many benefits. Not only can this tool set the precise torque, but it can also export the data for the fasteners to a computer or smart device. This tracking helps mitigate the legal and liability concerns. 

Using the HYTORC Lithium Torque Gun

The one-inch anvil retains the large sockets via a pin and o-ring, hence no friction-ring anvil is available from HYTORC. Slide on the large 36V battery pack and press the large red button on the rear of the tool, below the LCD screen. The tool will power up in a few seconds, ready to use. Intuitive controls change the torque settings by simply pressing the up or down buttons. 

HYTORC Lithium Series II Torque Gun

Once your desired torque setting is reached, place the socket on the fastener and be sure the reactionary arm has a place to apply an equal force. Pull the trigger and you hear nothing more than the motor turning and the fastener tightening. Keep your finger on the trigger as the HYTORC Torque Gun finishes tightening. Afterward, it backs off the fastener X degrees (the amount you programmed). This release angle allows you to remove the socket from the fastener with no force. 

Final Thoughts

While the HYTORC Lithium Series II Torque Gun will definitely push into the thousands-of-dollars category, you won’t find another tool that can do what it can.

Check it out at HYTORC 

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