Portasol Soldering Iron Super Pro 125 Video Review

Portasol Soldering Iron FI

Super Pro 125 Portasol Soldering Iron Features

This Portasol Soldering Iron is powered by butane gas which is refillable via the port on the bottom of the torch. A dial on the back also allows for dialing in the right amount of heat needed for the job. One switch controls the “On” and “Off” while another switch handles igniting the butane torch. Multiple different tips are included in the Super Pro 125 Kit, including soldering, heating, and even cutting.

A kickstand wraps around the body of the Portasol soldering iron when not in use. Once you’re finished with the project, just extend the kickstand and you can place the hot iron on the table or surface. This onboard kickstand keeps the hot tip from contacting any materials. Once the butane tank is full, a quick click of the ignition button brings the soldering iron to temp fast.

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Soldering and Heat-shrink

We used the Portasol cordless soldering iron on a couple of small repairs and it worked very well. With the 2mm solder tip attached, the Portasol butane soldering iron quickly reached the temperature to melt the solder and tin the tip. On the smaller wires, the Portasol works excellent to quickly bring the wires to temperature and soak up the solder. You can quickly switch from a solder tip to a torch tip by unscrewing the retainer ring. We switched over to the longer torch tip and included the heat reflector, so we could secure the heat shrink on our new solder joints. 

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Final Thoughts

For the past year or so, it’s been our Milwaukee M12 Soldering Iron that has been our choice for solder projects. After this review, this Portasol Soldering Iron will now take precedent. The small and sleek design along with the included tips make it a great choice for small and quick jobs. 

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