RIDGID Sub Compact Recip Saw Video Review

RIDGID Sub Compact Recip Saw R8648

RIDGID Sub Compact Recip Saw R8648 Features

This RIDGID Sub Compact Recip saw may not have a ton of features, but this doesn’t mean it can’t handle the work. A one-handed reciprocating saw is meant to be handy, nimble, and quick. The RIDGID R8648 does just that. An 18-volt battery provides the juice for the brushless motor to deliver up to 3,200 SPM. A variable speed trigger allows you to dial in the exact amount of power. The LED light just before the blade helps to shine some light on the cutting area. Changing blades is a cinch as well, just a quarter turn on the toolless chuck releases the blade.

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RIDGID R8648 Sub Compact Recip_3

Using the One-Handed Brushless Recip

We threw some old PVC in the vice to make the first cut. As we expected, the PVC is no work at all for the RIDGID Sub Compact Recip, it chewed through in seconds. Next up, we grabbed some 2×3 pallet wood. This was some pretty hard stuff. With the cheap blade that comes with the R8648, it ate through the wood pretty slow. With a quick blade change, the speed picked up quite a bit. Cutting steel, we switched over to a Diablo Steel Demon that made quick work of the 1″ x 1″ x 1/8″ steel tubing.

RIDGID R8648 Sub Compact Recip_2

Final Thoughts

Other than the brushless motor and the variable speed trigger, there aren’t many other standout features. That being said, this is exactly what we like about this RIDGID. It gets the job done with little to no hassle. No, this is not the tool you look for if you’re going to demo a complete home, however it wasn’t meant for that either. It’s perfect to grab for the light duty and onesie twosie cuts. You can pick this up at the Home Depot for $139 for the bare tool, and you get their Lifetime Service Agreement if you register the tool within 90 days of purchase.

RIDGID Sub Compact Recip Saw at Home Depot

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