24V FLEX FX2141R Rear Handle Circular Saw Video Review

FLEX FX2141R Rear Handle Saw FI

FLEX FX2141R Rear Handle Circular Saw Features

You won’t be disappointed when you first pull the trigger on this FLEX FX2141R rear handle circular saw. With the sensor-free brushless motor and 24-volt stacked lithium battery, this saw rips like no other. The 7-1/4″ blade spins to 6,200 RPM with not much in sight slowing it down. A magnesium foot plate and blade guard lighten things up while providing plenty of rigidity.

With tons of power on tap, you definitely want the features to handle and control this power. The baseplate has the normal forward notches for the sight line of 0 and 45-degree bevels cuts. FLEX also includes easy-to-see notches on the front-inside, rear-inside, and rear edge of the baseplate. These additional notches make it very easy to line up your saw with any markings you’ve made on the wood. This is especially friendly for plunge cutting.

Degrees, Detents, Depths, and Stacks

If major bevels are what you’re after, this FLEX FX2141R saw bevels up to 56 degrees. You also get a dial to set max bevel detente at 22.5, 45, and 56 degrees. This allows you to quickly flip the bevel adjustment lever and move to one of these positions without overshooting. Easy-to-read markings on the depth adjustment make setting the max depth very simple. The maximum depth of cut is 2-5/8″ which is plenty to cut 3x dimensional lumber.

Final Thoughts

During this past year FLEX released their brand new line of Stacked Lithium batteries. These lithium batteries utilize pouch-style technology versus the traditional cells in typical tool batteries. The included 10Ah battery included in the FLEX FX2141-1J kit provides lots of power for hundreds of cross-cuts. Large green LED lights on either side of the battery pack make it easy to see your charge status. Even with the battery in the saw, the battery gauge remains visible.

We pushed this FLEX rear handle circular saw pretty hard, and to date, it’s the most powerful rear handle saw we’ve tested. Even rip-cutting pressure-treated lumber at a 45-degree angle was no sweat for this saw. You can get this saw for $249 for the bare tool or $399 with the charger and 10Ah stacked lithium battery. A 5-year warranty is included, and you can register the tool before 12/31/2022 to receive the lifetime warranty at no charger.

FLEX FX2141R at ACME Tools


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