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Sometimes a combo kit can be the best bang for your buc. This Makita 3-tool combo kit includes the XDT13Z impact driver, XPH12Z hammer drill and the XJR05Z recip saw. Brushless technology in all 3 tools and two 18V LXT Li-Ion 4.0Ah batteries to boot.

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Why buy one tool, when you can buy three? Let’s face it, you probably didn’t end up here on this site because you don’t like tools. We love tools and like to see a bargain. With the Makita 3-tool combo kit, you get three (3) 18V LXT cordless tools, two (2) lithium ion batteries and a charger. Oh yeah, also included is the cool embroidered bag and one reciprocating saw blade. The model number for this it is XT328M.

XT328M Makita 3-Tool Combo Kit Details

Whether this expands your current Makita lineup or this is the first trip into the teal-blue tool world, you won’t be disappointed. Bottom line, you get a new Makita impact driver, hammer drill, reciprocating saw, and two batteries to help fill your shop. The impact driver is the XDT13Z, with the XPH12Z 1/2″ hammer drill, XRJ05 reciprocating saw, and two 18V 4.0Ah batteries. While these individual tools or not the top of the lineup in each Makita class, they’re still no slouch.

To give our synopsis before our final thoughts, we recommend this kit. The XT328M Makita 3-tool combo kit delivers with 18V tools, all of which include brushless motors. In addition, the two 18V lithium-ion 4.0Ah batteries, as well as the rapid charger. Even regular pricing is below the $400 mark and Makita backs it up with their 3-year limited warranty on tool, battery, and charger.

We also reviewed the sub-compact kit earlier in the year. The video review covers features and in-use footage of the Makita Sub-Compact CX200RB 18V Combo Kit. Make sure you give it a quick watch.


XDT13 Impact Driver 2

XDT13 Impact Driver

Makita XDT13Z 18V Impact Driver Features

With the included XDT13Z 1/4″ impact driver, you don’t get a lot of bells and whistles. However, this is still a powerful impact, with 1,500 in-lbs of maximum torque from the brushless motor. More full-featured impacts from Makita include multiple speed and impact settings, as well automatic features for more of a ramp-up or auto-sensing effect. Still, if this is your first step into a brushless 18V impact driver, you will be impressed. The variable speed trigger allows the user to dial in the speed, from 0-3,400 RPM. Such is the case with the number of impacts as well, from 0-3,600 IPM.

XDT13 Impact LED Light

XDT13 Impact LED Light

The XDT13Z impact driver is small, but not too small. With the 4.0Ah LXT battery, the tool balances very even in the hand. Rubber overmolding on these Makita tools make the handle comfortable and ergonomic. A sliding reversing switch just above the trigger allows the user to change direction with one hand. Also, the LED light between the bit and trigger casts light on the work area. Finally, pull out on the XDT13Z 1/4″ impact bit ring and the bit ejects with spring-assisted help. Bits require that ring to be pulled out again to install, which typically requires both hands.

XPH12 Makita 1/2″ Hammer Drill Features

As the heading implies, this Makita XPH12Z hammer drill includes a 1/2″ chuck. The chuck is plastic, or at least the part the user comes in contact with. We didn’t have any issues with the chuck not holding, however, we made sure to tighten the chuck very securely with both hands. The last thing anyone wants is their good drill bits slipping in the chuck, destroying the drill-bit shank.

XPH12 1/2" Hammer Drill

XPH12 1/2″ Hammer Drill

Hammer Time

The XPH12Z hammer drill does include a few features. Two plastic ring selectors located just aft the chuck allow users to determine the mode and clutch setting. The furthest selector from the chuck has three (3) options: drill, screw, and hammer-drill. Drill mode should be selected when using drill bits in wood or metal. The hammer-drill mode works well for concrete, delivering up to 30,000 IPM to help speed up the concrete drilling process.

A two-speed gearbox selector allows the user to choose either speed, regardless of which mode is selected. Low (1) speed powers the bit from 0-500 RPM, while High (2) speed spins 0-2,000 RPM. On hammer drill mode, the Low-speed selection hammers 0-7,500 IPM, and High speed varies from 0-30,000 IPM.

XPH12 Clutch and Mode Selector

XPH12 Clutch and Mode Selector

Clutch Player

When using this XPH12Z hammer drill with an accessory bit for fasteners, the ‘screw’ selection is used. Furthermore, the clutch ring allows the user to select up to twenty-one (21) different clutch engagement settings. When drill or hammer-drill mode is selected, this bypasses the clutch. With the clutch set to ’21’, the Makita XPH12Z hammer drill delivers more than 530 in-lbs of torque to the fastener.

Pro Tip #1: Learn how to use a clutch on a drill. This will help dramatically when installing fasteners. Running in small 1-inch drywall screws, you might set the clutch to ‘4’ or ‘6’. Running in 4″ Spax screws into pressure-treated 4×4 posts, you may select ’15’ or ’17’. Dialing in the clutch can make a big difference in your final product, providing just the right amount of countersinking. The best way to learn is to use some scrap material and practice.

More great tools from Makita. Make sure you check out the video review of the Makita Polisher 7-inch 9237C.

Makita XRJ05Z Brushless Recip Saw Features

Stepping up to a reciprocating saw with brushless technology is a big leap. Runtime with a Lithium-ion battery and brushless almost doubles, compared to a lithium-ion battery and brushed motor. Compared to brushed and Ni-Cad batteries, the runtime is exponentially increased. In addition to runtime, brushless technology also delivers more performance, decreasing cutting time.

Makita XRJ05 Recip Saw

XRJ05 Rafter Hook

XRJ05 Rafter Hook

The included recip blade in this XT328 combo kit would be just fine for cutting small wood pieces. We changed it out with a longer carbide-tipped blade to cut some thick-gauged dust-collection ductwork. The user can select between two speeds on the Makita XRJ05Z: Low delivers 0-2,300 strokes per minute, while High goes up to 3,000 strokes. Regardless of the which speed, the user can control said speed with the variable speed trigger. Blade cutting stroke on the XRJ05Z is 1-1/4″.

This will make for a great demolition saw, with the brushless Li-Ion power and the integrated rafter hook. You can see in the picture, the XRJ05Z rafter hook has no problem fitting on this true 3-inch thick white ash. By flipping open the lever near the nose of the saw, the shoe can be adjusted for different cutting preferences. Finally, an LED light shines directly on the work being performed by the blade, helping you to see your work.

Pro Tip #2: Adjust the shoe when a portion of the blade wears out due to cutting in the same area. Move the shoe out, or in, hence the blade is now making contact in where there are new(er) teeth.

XT328M Combo Kit Bottom Line

Buying in bulk can save you money. If you are in need of three powerful cordless tools, then the Makita 3-tool combo kit may be just the right fit. This is a great option for upgrading from another brand or from an older platform. If you’re a tool snob and want the best of each category, this is not the kit for you…but you probably already know that. Makita has more full-featured cordless tools to choose from.


LXT 18V Battery Indicator

LXT 18V 4.0Ah Battery Indicator

This XT328M combo kit puts three brushless tools in your arsenal. Also, adding two (2) 18V LXT 4.0Ah lithium-ion batteries to your cordless tool mix is a great bonus. Furthermore, Makita’s rapid charger holds some weight on its own. Makita knows what they’re doing in the battery-charging department. Their patented technology uses a fan in the charger to circulate cool air through the charger and battery. This enables them to charge faster without overheating.

As stated above, we don’t have a problem recommending this kit where it fits. We can’t see who would fuss about having any of these tools. The XT328M Makita 3-tool combo kit can be purchased at your local home depot or online for less than $400. Catch it on sale and you can save even more. The 3-year warranty from Makita delivers additional assurance as well.

To purchase your Makita XT328M combo kit, click here.

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