Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press

Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press application

The Delta 18-900L 18-inch Laser Drill Press is a floor-mounted woodworking drill press that packs a punch. It features a heavy-duty 3/4 HP motor for powerful drilling and an auto-tensioning belt drive system for easy speed changes. The Delta 18-900L drill press has 16 speeds for use for a variety of drilling applications. The rack and pinion height adjustment on the 20 in. x 14 in. worktable lets you raise and lower it easily to the desired work height. Adjustable locking levers make for easy angle adjustments of the table top while the bright adjustable TwinLaser projects a bright red crosshair on the work piece for accurate drilling.


The Delta 18-900L Drill Press also features 6-inch quill stroke so you can use this tool with deeper drilling applications. Micro-adjustable depth stops and an independent depth scale allow you to zero the scale or set it up for repetitive drilling in just seconds. An LED lights up the work surface for better visibility, and the non-tip cast iron base gives you some reassurance that you have excellent stability while working.

In addition, the Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press has 20 in. x 14 in. work table that features a patented design and can bevel from 0 to 90 degrees, left and right, and can tilt forward from 0 to 48 degrees. The machine also has a T-slots for clamping and a removable and replaceable center insert for through-table drilling.

Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press Key Features

  • Auto-Tensioning Belt Drive System
  • Full 6 in. Quill Stroke
  • Micro-Adjustable Depth Stops and Independent Depth Scale
  • Fully Adjustable TWINLASER
  • Flexible LED Light
  • CSA Listed

Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press SpecificationsDelta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press

  • Motor: 3/4 HP
  • Speeds: 16 (170-3000)
  • Table Size: 20 in. x 14 in.
  • Table Tilt: L/R 0-90° ; Forward 0-48°
  • Table Insert: 3.75 in. x 3.75 in. x 0.75 in.
  • Column Diameter: 80mm
  • Spindle Taper: Morse #2
  • Chuck Taper: Jacobs #3
  • Quill Diameter: 52mm
  • Quill Stroke: 6 in.
  • Chuck Capacity: 5/8 in.
  • Chuck to Table Capacity: 22.25 in.
  • Chuck to Base Capacity: 42.5 in.
  • Height: 70 in.
  • Width: 20 in.
  • Depth: 28 in.
  • Weight: 240 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 261 lbs.
  • Warranty: 5 year


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