Felder K 940 S Sliding Table Saw Video Review

Felder K 940 S Sliding Table Saw
Sliding Table Saw
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We highly recommend the Felder K 940 S sliding table saw for any woodworker that’s looking to step up their game. More capacity, safer operation, and increased production.

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Sustaining growth in a successful furniture-making business requires adding customers, hence an increase in production. Purchasing the Felder K 940 S sliding table saw was a huge step in attaining this production increase. The 12-foot sliding table, 7.5hp motor, and 16-inch blade capacity allow us to cut about anything we can imagine.

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Before the Felder K 940 S purchase, we were using an older Powermatic with a pseudo-sliding-table attachment. We kept this around for a few months with the idea that we would use it for smaller projects. After warming up to the new Felder, we didn’t touch the Powermatic for 6-months – so we sold it.


Felder K 940 S Sliding Table Saw Features

Easy to use controls allow the user to electronically raise and lower the saw blade safely, from the control panel. Setting the tilt on the blade is also electronic. An LED display shows both the height and degree of angle. A scoring blade can be used in the Felder K 940 S as well, however, you do have to step down from a 16-inch main blade.

The rip fence offers more than 52-inches from blade to fence. A round chrome bar allows the fence to adjust in an ultra-smooth manner. Once the rip fence is locked down, micro-adjustment knobs provide left and right movement up to about 1/4″.

The Felder K 940 S sliding table saw, in the configuration we have will set you back about $20,000. Sure this was a hefty purchase for us, but we haven’t looked back since. If you’re in need to make the next step from a cabinet table saw, we definitely recommend the Felder sliding table saw.

You can find the Felder K 940 S Sliding Table saw here.

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