RYOBI Table Saw Video Review – HP Brushless PBLTS01


RYOBI PBLTS01 HP Brushless Table Saw Features

They really stepped up the performance on this HP RYOBI Table Saw. The brushless motor turns the 8-1/4″ saw blade up to 4,500 RPM, delivering a max depth of cut of 2-1/4″. With the blade set to a 45-degree bevel, you still get a 2″ cut depth. A single One+ 18V HP battery provides more than enough power to rip-cut 2x4s at a 45-degree angle. Cutting sheet goods like 3/4″ plywood is just a walk in the park for the RYOBI PBLTS01 table saw.

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While the RYOBI HP saw delivers impressive power, some of the features and accessories leave a lot to be desired. Starting with the fence, RYOBI claims that it’s self-aligning, but it’s not at all. You’ll definitely want to confirm parallel by measuring on the front and back side of the blade to the fence. The cross-cut sled is made very flimsy with stamped steel and thin plastic.

RYOBI Table Saw PBLTS01_5

HP 18-Volt Ripper

Our first test pass using 3/4″ plywood doesn’t even phase the 18-volt powered brushless motor. Even with the included RYOBI 8-1/4″ blade, the cut is clean and without any blowouts. Adjusting the bevel to 45-degrees, it rips through the 3/4″ material almost as quick. Next up, we send through some 1-inch oak hardwood and the results are the same. Quick cuts with clean edges. The same again ripping at 45-degrees. Finally, we rip a 2×4 at 90-degrees and then at 45-degrees. While the passes were a little bit slower, the RYOBI table saw still performed very well.

RYOBI Table Saw PBLTS01_4

Final Thoughts

Power and performance is a definitely impressive on this RYOBI saw, but there is some lack in the refinement area. The price of $339 for the bare tool, or $399 for the kit with two 4Ah batteries puts it about $200 cheaper than others. RYOBI also covers this with a 3-year warranty. Our thoughts are this is a great DIY saw, but finish carpenters will probably be happy trading up.

RYOBI 18V Table Saw at Home Depot

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