Vitap Eclipse Contour Edgebander Improved

Vitap Eclipse Contour Edgebander

Vitap, manufacturer of woodworking machines, has announced the improved award-winning semi-automatic contour edgebander. The new Vitap Eclipse Contour Edgebander offers new technology with the utilization of the PUR (Polyurethane Reactive) glue system. The new contour semi-automatic edge banding machine will have a dual glue system in which the operator can use both the conventional edge banding glue and the PUR system with minimal set-up time. The Vitap Eclipse contour edgebander requires a minimal footprint in the work space due to its design. The Eclipse can apply straight or shaped (concave and convex) edges with versatility and limited input from the technician.


The Vitap Eclipse contour edgebander offers a trimming unit that allows big or small panel processes without extra set-up. For big work pieces, the trimming station offers pneumatic tilting, and an optional rectangular table that measures 800 x 360 x 20 mm.  It also has a powerful 3/4 hp motor with a speed of 1,500 RPM. The Eclipse also allows the technician to band one piece while trimming another piece, at the same time. This allows for true multitasking without much thought.

The Vitap Eclipse standard features

  • laser measurement for more accurate application
  • 7-inch large touch screen controller
  • vacuum and vacuum table
  • reinforced joint arm and heavy duty frame construction
  • 3-ft holder edge
  • 1-kilogram glue pot

Options for the Vitap Eclipse

  • slower feeding speed for complex panels
  • laser for automatic variable speed adjustment by potentiometer
  • a glue feeder with sensor

The Vitap Eclipse Contour Edgebander will be displayed at IWF (International Woodworking Fair) August 24-27 in the Atlantic Machinery / Vitap booth #6728. Vitap will also have on display their 2016 Challengers Award Finalist, Point Acoustic CNC drilling machine.  Stop by the booth and get yours ordered.

To learn more about Vitap Eclipse Contour Edgebander, visit their website here.


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