New AutoMeter Air-Core Marine Gauges Upgrade Video

We install new AutoMeter Air-Core Marine Gauges to replace our tired and ugly original gauges. After replacing the old speedometer a few months back with the new AutoMeter GPS Speedometer it made our other gauges look old and ugly as well. It was time for an upgrade, so we aimed for the AutoMeter gauges in the marine air-core line with the white face. We couldn’t be more pleased with the appearance and performance of these new AutoMeter gauges.

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AutoMeter GPS Speedometer in a 496 BBC Jet Boat

New AutoMeter Gauges – LED Blues

The Air-Core series of gauges are all-electric which keeps any harmful chemicals and fluids (oil, etc.) out of the cockpit area. All of these AutoMeter gauges in the Air-Core line run off an electric sending unit. Since we already had gauges in place, we really didn’t have any wiring to do, other than for the new LED lights. The LED upgrade is cheap and worth the money, and we were able to choose a color (blue) that really sets off the gauges when On. We also stepped up to a 2-5/8″ gauge, compared to the original 2-1/16″ gauges.

We found a pretty ingenious way to enlarge the holes in the boat dash without the need for a jig or template. All we did was sacrifice an old gauge and shave the bezel just a bit. The old gauge acted as a guide for the hole saw, perfectly creating a larger hole around the original. Mounting the new AutoMeter Air-Core Marine gauges is was very simple. AutoMeter makes this easy with an aluminum bracket and knurled thumb-screws. We did have to cut our brackets down a bit, since our dash was almost 1-inch thick with plywood and fiberglass. This was a very quick process with a cutoff wheel.

Final Thoughts

Installing these LEDs are as easy as pulling out the incandescent bulb and pushing in the LED. You just have to remember that LED bulbs are directional. If you install them and they don’t work, just turn them 180-degrees to correct continuity. These gauges cost about $70 each, so upgrading the rest of the dash (4 Autometer gauges) cost about $300. If you need new sending units, those will be an additional cost. If you really want to change the appearance of your ride (boat, car, truck, UTV, ATV, etc.), then it’s hard to beat this bang for your buck.

See the video for more details.

AutoMeter Air-Core Marine Gauges

VoltMeter 200757: $69.95

Oil Pressure 200759: $71.95

Fuel Level 200761: $71.95

Water Temperature 200763: $69.95

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