8-pc DeWalt Tough Series Screwdrivers Video Review

DeWalt Tough Series Screwdrivers FI

DeWalt Tough Series Screwdrivers Features

The DeWalt Tough Series DWHT65102 8-piece screwdrivers include shafts made from tough S2 steel. The hexagonal shafts also include Black Chrome coating to help reduce corrosion from harsh environments. Furthermore, the tips are hardened as well as magnetized. You get an easy-to-grip handle made with a base of impact-resistant plastic then covered with rubber overmolding. The bright yellow “DeWalt” logo stands out on one side of the four-lobed handle.

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DWHT65102 8-pc MAX-BITE Set

Our set included 10-pieces from the DeWalt Tough Series Screwdrivers; however, you can’t purchase it in this format. You can get them in an 8-piece and 2-piece set. Product number DWHT65102 is the 8-piece DeWalt Screwdriver set. This kit includes a #1, #2, and #3 Phillips; 3/16″, 1/4″, and 5/16″ slotted-tips; and #1 & #2 Square-drive screwdrivers.

DWHT65100 2-piece Demo Screwdriver Set

The 2-piece demo set is still part of the Tough Series MAX-Bite family. In addition to the previous features, you also get a steel striking plate on the #2 Phillips and 5/16″ slotted-tip screwdrivers.

DeWalt Tough Series Demo Screwdrivers_1

Final Thoughts

The rubber overmold handles make it very easy to grasp and retain these DeWalt Tough Series Screwdrivers. You can get the 8-piece set for less than $30, and the 2-piece demo set is just $13. All the DeWalt Tough Series screwdrivers include their limited lifetime warranty.

DeWalt Tough Series 8-pc Set: $28 at Home Depot

DeWalt 2-piece Demo Set: $13 at Home Depot




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