Category: Hand Tool Reviews

Shop Tool Reviews takes on automotive hand tool reviews for the mechanic or shop owner. We cover everything from wrenches and sockets to drivers and files. Everything needed to work on automotive equipment gets reviewed here. We also test these tools for real-world use, ensuring no surprises when making a purchase.
Hand Tool Reviews for Automotive Professionals
Our automotive hand tool reviews include products like the Matco Tools 30-inch Flex RatchetDrill America High-Speed Drill Bit Set, and Lisle Trim Removal Master Tool Set. The goal behind our reviews of hand tools centers around providing accurate information to users on performance ergonomics, and value. An expensive tool makes sense if it works well and saves time. Conversely, an inexpensive tool presents a great value provided it also gets the job done.

Taking all these factors into account, STR delivers hand tool reviews from the Pros who use them every day. We take them in the field, put them on vehicles, and relay the results. It’s the only way we know how to adequately and accurately determine if new or upgraded tools present a value to Pro users.